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Nathaniel Deutsch - Shared screen with gallery view
Kristin Gustavson
I'm curious to know more about about Reconstructionism and Jewish Renewal. Did they both come out of Conservative Judaism? Which came first? What are the differences?
Kristin Gustavson
Thank you! That was very helpful.
Edward Weinberg
origins of the Chabad movement?
Marty Lazar
You mention that the havurah movement is derived from the Jewish Renewal development. The Havurah that I know are thought of as groups of friends within the synagogue. Most of the members don’t think of a contextual basis for the group.
Jack & Carole Siegel
are not many Israei Jewish citizens “secular” in regards to Jewish ritual observance? how do they fit in with Jewish denominations? My impression is that despite not being traditionally “religious” they recognize Orthodoxy more than Progressive denominations.
Jeffry Young
In the US, what is the relative percentage of Lubbuvich compared to Satmar? Are the Lubbuvich Zionists?
Lyudmila Oyzboyd
Was great