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Russell Sage College, Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung Center / NYSCOSS Spring Webinar Series / Webinar 3 - Shared screen with speaker view
Jerome Steele
If you have a question for the panelists, please feel free to put it in the chat.
Janice White
How should schools connect with the medical community to address the service needs of students in crisis? They are short staffed as well.
Kathryn Ferguson
We spoke a lot today about the importance of implementing a core program that is proactive and implemented with fidelity. There seems to be a rising need for students at the tier 3 level, can you point to any innovative alliances that support these hard to reach students?
Kathryn Ferguson
Or innovative approaches
Elizabeth Carroll
Thank you! This was great! I have to leave to oversee a school concert!
Kathryn Ferguson
Thank you!
Cecilia Dansereau-Rumley
Thank you to all for the opportunity to listen & learn this afternoon!
Marlene Zakierski
thank you for your discussion today! It was wonderful! So many educators should listen and include your recommendations in their daily practice!