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Inclusive Education and Early Childhood Community of Practice - Shared screen with speaker view
Sebabatso Ntlamelle Lesotho
Good afternoon am Sebabatso Ntlamelle, from Lesotho Council of NGOs (LCN) working as a Health, Education and Social Development Commission Coordinator Zooming from the Kingdom of Lesotho
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Welcome, all! This is Jennifer Rigg with GCE-US, joining from Washington, DC.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Please share questions and comments for the speakers here in the chat box.
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
Hello Everyone! Anna, are there examples of countries in SSA that are making disability inclusion a priority in the ECCE workforce development / training?
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
You can download this GEM ECCE paper here: Bit.ly/rightfromstart
BK-Somaly Nhem
Many thanks
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Any other questions for Anna?
Donald Wertlieb
Very exciting to see this progress from GEM and the Global Partnership Strategy. Help me understand please if it a cultural or political or institutional “problem”—. The presentation and policy paper continue to use terminology of “special” education, “Special” needs, “integrated” services — through we have tried to move “inclusion” as a more evolved frame. Are we gaining or losing traction with this paradigm lag or clash? Do we need help from communication scientists on improving our messaging? Thoughts today are welcome- or perhaps this challenge is a good topic for a future CoP discussion.
J.McGeown, Humanity & Inclusion
Hello Anna and all. Thanks for this useful summary.
Tom Sabella
Thank you for all of the GEM work. It is good to see Cambodia is providing ECD services in mother language of minority students. Is there action toward more services in mother tongue for children in countries in Africa where so many children do not speak the language of instruction in their homes?
Natacha Hippolyte
Thank you for sharing :)
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
The privatization of KG/ECCE sector increases inequity particularly for marginalised groups
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Divya Lata leads the global Early Childhood Education program at UNICEF.  Working in senior technical and strategic advisory roles in leading international organizations, Divya has advanced child-focused policies and programs in diverse contexts in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and transitional countries of the former Soviet Union.  Deeply committed to disability rights, she has a deep interest in advancing Early Childhood Interventions for supporting children at risk of disabling conditions.  Divya has also had the privilege of serving on the Boards of several organizations and networks focusing on Early Childhood, including as Chair of the Regional Funding Committee of the Civil Society Education Fund for Asia; the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC), Singapore and the Child to Child Trust, London.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
ECE Accelerator Toolkit: Global e-toolkit with practical resources to support the inclusion and strengthening of ECE in ESP processes https://www.ece-accelerator.org/
J.McGeown, Humanity & Inclusion
Going back to an earlier point, perhaps one answer is to always add a specific text box to explain the rationale on terminology and the preferred terms- I think most people agree with the push towards inclusion and " inclusive education", but some existing laws and policies use the language of " special education" which could be why that language is used. But I agree that it's useful to have a consensus on terminology where possible.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Thank you - that’s a great suggestion, Julia.
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
Can you please send us the PPT. Hard to see this slide in particular which I really want to know :)
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Use the “Contact Us” page to reach the ECE Accelerator team:https://www.ece-accelerator.org/contact-us
UNICEF, Divya Lata
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Yes, absolutely - we’ll share the PPT.
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
thanks a lot for the very insightful questions. please find below the link to our GEM Report 2020 that dealt also very deeply with the question of terminology. the link to the paper is also given before together with the country profiles on inclusion where the issue of teachers' education and curricula is developed based on legislative and policy framework
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
2020 report: https://en.unesco.org/gem-report/report/2020/inclusion
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
Policy paper presented here: https://en.unesco.org/gem-report/rightfromthestart
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
Policy paper on inclusive teaching : https://en.unesco.org/gem-report/2020teachers
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
PEER (countries' profiles) here : education-profiles.org
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Donald Wertlieb is Professor emeritus and former chair of the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study & Human Development, Tufts University.  He is an applied developmental scientist and pediatric psychologist specializing in promotion of healthy child, family, and community development.  Don founded the Early Childhood Development Task Force of the Global Partnership for Children with Disabilities (ECDtf), a network of 900 professionals and caregivers committed to inclusive nurturing care and inclusive ECD.  He represents the THRIVE Coalition in the current USAID Disability Policy Revision process.
J.McGeown, Humanity & Inclusion
Thanks Divya for that useful summary and great to know that it's a working document that we can add to!
Sian Tesni
Thank you Divya. Very helpful and as Julia mentions good to see that it's a working document to which we can contribute.
Amy Crompton
Thanks for much for this session - will a recording be shared out with participants?
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
Thank you Diviya for an awesome presentation!
Sian Tesni
I hope so, I'd like to share this with a few colleagues working in ECE
UNICEF, Divya Lata
Thanks Julia and Sian, we look forward to hearing from you and other colleagues to enrich the toolkit on inclusive systems in ECE.
Vicky Mogeni (GCE)
Amy, yes, we will be sharing a recording of the presentation to attendees after the session.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Sian, Amy and all, thank you for sharing and engaging others who might be interested!
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Thank you so much, Don!
dragana sretenov
Thank you Diviya for your presentation! I would like to suggest inclusion of regional ECD networks, if not already included, as they would be able to contribute with examples of inclusive ECE systems from their regions.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Great point, Dragana!
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
For all, here’s info on our next speaker: Ashanti Kunene is the GCE Research and Advocacy Officer. She is a published writer, public speaker with two TEDx talks and a decolonial dialogue facilitator. She holds a BA (Hons) International Studies Cum Laude from Stellenbosch University, where she was also a prominent student leader during the 2015/2016 #FeesMustFall and #EndRapeCulture student movements. Having previously worked in big data and education technology, she is passionate about digital innovation in delivering the right to education for all. You can find out more about Ashanti on her website: www.learning2unlearn.com
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
Don - great place to plug in more 'woke'' language
Carolyn Moore
Thank you, Don! Do you have an estimate of when the open comment period would be?
Donald Wertlieb
“In the fall” — but I will stay alert and pass the word as soon as I can
Carolyn Moore
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Tony Baker has 17 years of experience, five in East Africa. Tony focuses on the right to education, research-to-action advocacy, and education development. He is currently the Sr. Advisor for External Engagement in Education at World Vision International where he supports World Vision’s advocacy and engagement with multilaterals like the World Bank, Global Partnership for Education, and Education Cannot Wait as well as UNESCO and global civil society networks. Prior to joining World Vision, Tony was the Associate Director for Global Education at RESULTS in Washington DC, where he developed the Right to Education Index, a global accountability initiative operating in 21 countries. Tony has also served on the Board of Directors and various Board Committees of the Global Partnership for Education for six years.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Before RESULTS, Tony worked with HakiElimu, an education and democracy rights civil society organization in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He holds an MA in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Policy Analysis and Advocacy from the School for International Training.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Any questions for Ashanti?
J.McGeown, Humanity & Inclusion
Great news about the observatory
James Cox
Thanks for sharing the great new Ashanti - I'll flag the regional consultations to SC colleagues. Let me know if there's anything more we can do to support.
Ashanti Kunene
Fantastic thank you! I will do James
UNICEF, Divya Lata
Noted Dragana - good point on regional ECD networks. Please do facilitate the link through the 'contact us' tab on the Toolkit and we will connect back through our Regional Offices.
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Thank you, Tony!
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
All events can be read about in our summary blog here: http://campaignforeducationusa.org/blog/detail/global-education-summit-event-summary
Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education-US (she/her)
Thank you, all, for joining today! What would you like to hear more about in the future (future speaker ideas, advocacy, knowledge exchange…)?
Sian Tesni
Correction for the UDL slide Christa: CBM is CBM Christoffel-Blindenmission Christian Blind Mission e.V. not Catholic Blind Mission. Thank you in advance for correcting this.
Anna D'ADDIO (GEM Report)
thanks a lot to all of you for the extremely interesting and stimulating discussion during this meeting!
J.McGeown, Humanity & Inclusion
Thanks for all the useful information and the round up of the summit events.
Christa Giesecke
Thanks Sian! Yes, will make that correction.
Nafisa Baboo Light for the World
Kudos to Jennifer, Christa and Stephanie for the awesome work and leadership!
Sandrine Bohan-Jacquot
Thank you so much for these great presentations!
Donald Wertlieb
Thanks to all
Thanks for organizing the session
Tony Baker
Thank you Jennifer and team!!
Anne Sellers, CRS
Thank you!
James Cox
Thanks all!
Tom Sabella
Thank you everyone for all your work
Emily Vargas-Baron
Great presentations, Thanks