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Basics of LGBTQ Affirming Care 9.25.2020 - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrew Miller
Hi Everyone, Thank you for joining us! We will get started shortly. Please use this chat box to introduce yourself.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller, He/Him/His/ El, LGBTQ Trainer at Denver Health, With Denver Health for 2 years, Something I learned about myself during COVID is that I am decent at gardening (esp if I am home everyday)
Cassy Gonzales
Hi everyone! My name is Cassy Gonzales and I am a Health Coverage Guide with North Colorado Health Alliance. I have been with the Alliance for a little over a year now. Something I have learned since Covid is that I prefer to work in the office rather then at home! I thought it was going to be easy and relaxing but no such luck there! :)
Jayde Krauth
Hello Everyone, my name is Jayde Krauth (she/hers). I am an office manager at Primary Care Partners. This opportunity was passed on by RMHP. One of the clinics I manage is Red Canyon Family Medicine in Fruita where we offer BHRT and transgender care, so this is a great opportunity for our clinic and staff to learn more about this specific population that we care for
Pam Brandstoettner
Good morning. I'm Pam Brandstoettner (she/her). I am an AHCM Outreach Coordinator. I've been in this position for about two months. Prior to this I worked in QI during HEDIS for the past two years.
Beverly Schmidt-Rodriguez
Beverly Schmidt Rodriguez, BH Care Coordinator, 2 years. Learned that I really don't have high social needs.
Alma Johnson
Hello everyone,
Alma Johnson
I am Alma Johnson I work as a Community Health Worker at Mind Springs.
Susan Dokter
Susan Dokter she/her/hers,, SummitStone Health Partners, Co responder with Loveland PD -- I learned how to bake a lot of bread and eat it
Pam Brandstoettner
Pam Brandstoettner - hit enter before I was done. Something I learned about myself during COVID, I really miss spending time with my friends.
Sarah Wendt
Hello! I'm Sarah Wendt and I'm a school based therapist in Greeley, working with high school students. I've learned that while I'm an introvert, I miss simply being around people at work.
Misti Gillam
Misti Gillam, prefer female pronouns, I am an R.N. Care Coordinator working with a physician who prescribes hormones for transgender persons. I don't really like working from home, I like my work set up better.
Alma Johnson
HI Pam!
Alyssa Franklin
Dr. Michael Plachta, he/him/his and. Vanessa Hardeman, MA she/her/hers
Tori Bozarth
Marissa Johnson
Hey I'ts Marissa Johnson, I am a care coordinator with RMHP, our SEP team recently started with Rocky in July of this year from Mesa County. I learned that I enjoy spending time at home more than I had thought!
Tori Bozarth
Community Health Worker - 5 mths
Pam Brandstoettner
Hi Alma!
Jessica Berry
Hello! My name is Jessica, my pronouns are she, her, hers. Center for Children (child advocacy center) Therapist.
Erica Anderson
Hello, I'm Erica Anderson. I'm a Single Entry Point Supervisor and I've been with RMHP for almost 3 months. I learned while working from home during covid that while I enjoy working from home, it's more of a challenge to maintain team cohesion, so I'm enjoying being back in the office where I get to see team members and interact on a more personal level.
Alison Smith
Hi everyone! My name is Alison Smith (she/her/hers) and I am a school-based therapist at a high school and elementary school in Greeley. During COVID, I learned just how clean I can get my house and that I really miss the little things like having lunch with my coworkers or seeing people face to face.
Brigitte Cunningham
Hi, I
Kristi Nissen
Kristi Nissen
Rachel Condit
Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Condit (she/hers). I am a community health worker with RMHP SEP team. We transferred from Mesa County DHS in July. Throughout COVID I learned that taking in a rescue puppy is hard work but rewarding!
John Moran
John Moran he, him, his, Community Health Worker, 3 months, I learned a new passion for guitar & family game nights via Zoom.
Dana Krumholz
Hi! Dana Krumholz. Female pronouns. Therapist at Heart Centered Counseling in Greeley (but only teletherapy now). I've enjoyed working from home because I get to spend all day with my dogs!
Elisabeth Jacquot
Elisabeth Jacquot, Program Director for North Range Behavioral Health's Counseling Center's at Fort Lupton and Carbon Valley. My pronouns are She/Her(s).
Danielle Cox
Hello, My name is Danielle Cox I am a Medical Office Assistant for the last 2 years.
Mistalynn Meyeraan
Hi, Mistalynn Meyeraan, Executive Director at the Center for Children. We serve sexually abused children and adults in Mesa County. My COVID lesson is that working from home with a toddler is a unique challenge and I get my best work done after she goes to bed.
Brigitte Cunningham
Brigitte Cunningham with Rocky for nearly 30 years I work in Care Management doing audit reviews.
Jane Dougherty
Hi everyone,. my pronouns are she/her. I am a community health worker with RMHP for 3 weeks. I learned with covid that you can't take anything for granted and that we are resilient as a community and a family
Corrinne Johnson
Hello all. I'm Corrinne Johnson, PA with Mountain Family Health Centers in Rifle, CO. Practicing in CHCs now for almost 10 years. Learning that we live in a beautiful state with lots of open space to explore in our backyards!
Kim Nelson
Kim Nelson, She/Her, Essette System Coordinator, 12 years, we don't need nearly as much as i once thought.
kristen aragon
Kristen Aragon, ?, SEP Community health worker, 3 months, don't like wearing mask and missing all the regular community events that I took for granted
Camela Kelley-White
Hello, this is Camela White, community Health worker. I am with SEP team, with Rky since July. During Covid, I learned that life can utterly change in an instant.
Alissa Redditt Guzman
Hello, I'm Alissa Redditt Guzman (she/her/hers). I am a Case Manager (speciality). I work with a BH organization and a care management organization as a joint partnershipt--been here for a year now. I've learned I really don't mind having to stay at home during COVID-19.
Anthony Gonzales
Hello, My Name is Anthony Gonzales (he/him/his), I do Outpatient Therapy for Community Mental Health agency, RMHP over a year in this role, and I learned that I need to let go, during COVID
Jolene Walls
Good Morning, Jolene Walls from Northwest Colorado Health in Craig CO. I am a behavioral health care manager here.
Patti Present
Good Morning. I am Patti Present and I am the therapist at the Aspen Hope Center. During COVID I have learned how to keep my energy level up doing telehealth sessions rather than in the office. I am really happier seeing people in person. I also learned that a garden really works to calm and am so blessed in my life.
Brandy Simmers
Brandy Simmers, Outpatient Program Manager SummitStone Health Partners in Fort Collins; She/Hers/her. COVID-I
Danielle Cox
Hello, my name is Brenda Lee and I am Front Office staff at Red Canyon Family Medicine and I have been here for less than a year, but been in Hospital administration for 8 years.
maria diaz
My name is Maria Diaz and I am a mental health therapist on the Integrated Care team at NRBH. During COVID I learned that I am flexible but I missed the office environmrnt. Also the importance of taking care of myself.
maria roques
Maria Roques, her. Pediatrician for more than 10 years, practicing in Glenwood Springs with Mountain Family Health Centers.
Kristi Nissen
Kristi, her, hers, she. I am counselor and I have learned that working remotely has been very beneficial for most of my clients, as it has helped remove transportation and child care barriers.
Kathy Crowhurst
Hello, this is Kathy Crowhurst. I am with SEP and I have been with Rocky since 7/1.
Kaitlyn McGovern
Good morning! I am Kaitlyn McGovern, Quality Officer with Mountain Family, 2 years. During COVID, I was reminded of the importance of carving out time for myself, so I can be a support to others
Pamela Collins Vaughn
Good morning. I am Pamela Collins Vaughn, Program Director of Training and Consumer Advocacy at North Range Behavioral Health in Weld County.
Whitney Bakarich
Hi! Good morning. Whitney Bakarich (she/her), Day Treatment Alternative program therapist for Mind Springs Health in Routt County. I have been in this role for 6 years. Learned I could hear the river from my house during COVID.
Danielle Lisella
Danielle Lisella (she/her/hers) from Mind Springs Health in Summit County! I am a therapist specializing in substance use disorders
Bronte Smith
Hello! Bronte Smith (she/hers). Clinical Informaticist on the Practice Transformation team for almost two years. I learned how to make a garden and grow veggies!
Erica Price
Happy Friday!! I'm Erica Price and I've been working at Rocky for over 10 years. I'm a remote worker in Larimer County, Fort Collins area and I'm a Medicaid Care Coordinator:) I've been working on self care during covid:)
Holly Sherwood
Hi everyone, My name is Holly Sherwood, she/her. I am a Community Health Worker and have been with RMHP for 3 months. I learned that I like working from home but miss seeing my member's in person for home assessments.
Brandy Simmers
That was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you for that clearer explanation. No one has ever explained it so well!
Whitney Bakarich
I love that question about gender identity. Can you please repeat that?
Jermaine Fubler
John Moran
me as well
Jayde Krauth
How do you document or flag the chart/account when a patient is fluid with their pronouns and/or name? We have a great system in place for flagging the chart with proper pronouns and distinguishing their name vs. legal name, but I'm not sure we have anything in place for patients that are fluid
Brandy Simmers
Alyssa Franklin
Is that website free and open to everyone?
Jayde Krauth
This was great, thank you
Whitney Bakarich
In therapy with families that are not in board with pronouns, I have had conversations that acknowledge this and use family roles instead such as "mom" "kid" "parent. Do you have any other suggestions?
Susan Dokter
NOCO Splash in Larimer County is a great resource for youth and families
Whitney Bakarich
Do you know of any medical providers in rural Colorado? Is Denver Health providing tele services now for medical services? Is Plume the only tele options?
Andrew Miller (He/Him/His/El)
Bronte Smith
Thank you. I learned so much!
Dawn Barela
Thank you, this is the best training I have ever had on this topic. Very helpful in our work.
Tori Bozarth
Very helpful training! Thank you
Alison Smith
how would you navigate correcting yourself and apologizing for using incorrect pronouns if you notice you did it 10 minutes later?
Misti Gillam
Do you have info. regarding legal name changes.
Sonny Pickowitz
this has been a fantastic training, thank you so much!!
Danielle Lisella
Thank you SO much Andrew! Incredibly helpful.
Susan Dokter
thank you so much! Looking forward to sharing the slides with my team.
Corrinne Johnson
What is the best way to get out there on searches that I provide LGBTQ care and hormone management in a primary care setting other than my bio on clinic website? Also that we accept sliding fee scale/CICP discount if not insured? I'm in Western Colorado, Rifle
Jane Dougherty
Thank you Andrew. really appreciate the info
Brandy Simmers
This has been an excellent training. Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing this with my team and using it in my work.
Corrinne Johnson
thank you so much! very much appreciate it!
Whitney Bakarich
This is wonderful. Thank you!
Kristi Nissen
This has been a great training! Thanks!!
Holly Sherwood
Thank you. This training was so beneficial and I learned so much!
Pam Brandstoettner
Thank you! Very informative and encouraging!
Heather Coffey
Thank you for an awesome training!
Jayde Krauth
Thank you Andrew!
Salina Shaffer
Thank you!
Corrinne Johnson
AMAZING presentation thank you so much!!