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Sunday Worship Service - Shared screen with speaker view
Please pray for my Aunt Sheila in Michigan
Pastor Rhonda
Prayers lifted up.
Good Morning, Welcome to Golden Hill United Methodist Church's Online (Virtual) Worship Experience my name is George Dunn and we have an uplifting, inspiring Worship Service planned for today. To God be the Glory. Your tech crew today is Diana Moore, Daniel Mpoyo, Jovonn Sokolovic, and Daniel Pettit. We are all here to support the worship service in many ways. Please feel free to provide feedback in the chat, but also we are all here to worship the living God, present for us at all times. Let us take this time to be present in this service devoted to our triune God. Welcome to Worship, we are glad you are here.
Sonya Green
there is sound on music
Thank you for worshipping with us here at Golden Hill United Methodist Church. We hope you enjoyed praising the living God as well as finding a morsel to sustain you for the week to come. Please find when you sign out of the webinar a very short survey. We would love to hear your comments. Until next week, stay safe and remember that God is with you on this journey, you do not go alone.