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NCSEJ Webinar Featuring Eugen Caras, Moldovan Ambassador to the US and Radovan Javorcik, Slovakian Ambassador to the US - Shared screen with speaker view
Ezra Hess - NCSEJ
gerald platt
considering this unexpected, offensive move by russia, and the possibilities of putin extending his sphere beyond ukraine, do you feel that the USA is appropriately defending and supporting the FSU states. what about the EU and germany?
Joel Hirst
Ambassador Caras, this is Joel Hirst from Senator Bill Cassidy's office. While Moldova is neutral, are you hosting foreign forces? And do you think it would be helpful for individual allies (not necessarily with a NATO "hat") to forward deploy troops to Moldova?
gerald platt
putin has thrown down the gauntlet by ratcheting up his nuclear arsenal and putting them on 'high alert'. this has certainly made the 'west' take a deep breath before suggesting any retaliatory moves. do you feel that this is merely a threat and the west should be more aggressive in this matter, or are we seeing the results of nuclear arsenals being used as threats. and while this is not the subject at hand: iran???
gerald platt
considering merkel's edict a decade ago, to open borders in the eu and allow over a million refugees from the mid east, many unvetted, many with problematic records, etc (for which western europe is now suffering the consequences), shouldn't germany be as welcoming to ukrainian refugees who are much more easily vetted, have similar cultural and behavioral and are in dire straits?