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ENVS 100.2/400.1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Brianna DeMuth
sorry guys
Here's a quick checklist for some of the projects Jess spoke about! (links included)
Laurie Anderson
The Delaware CCL chapter tried to get an endorsement from the City Council and we were NOT successful, unfortunately. We had no student CCL at that time.
Brianna DeMuth
can we write a campus letter? possibly with student testimonials? I'd love to help get the Delaware City Council Endorsement
Laurie Anderson
That could be great. I can check in and see what the local CCL chapter has as a priority right now - not sure they are focused on the City Council, but if you want to refocus, they would be willing to shift focus.
Evelyn VanderVelde
On average, how many hours a week do you think a student would be involved/ be working for CCL if they did join.
Laurie Anderson
If you want to contact the Delaware Chapter, I can serve as a contact (Dr. Anderson).
Brianna DeMuth
Thanks so much Jess!!!! I'm so sorry about the mic situation