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E-AHPBA Webinar 6 - Liver
E-AHPBA - Carrie
The Zoom webinar is similar to the Zoom meeting facility that I’m sure you all use however in webinar as an attendee you will not be able to unmute your microphone or share your video, please use the “Chat” function to communicate with the Webinar Facilitator directly if you need assistance. The Moderator will not monitor this function so please do not submit questions through here.
E-AHPBA - Carrie
Questions can be submitted through the “Q&A” facility throughout the webinar, there will be no verbal questions from the floor or discussion sessions. You can find the Q&A and the Chat function at the bottom of your screen. If you see that someone has already asked the same question as you, you can use the “upvote tool”. The Moderator will monitor the Q&A facility and identify some questions to ask either during the dedicated question session or if time permits at the end of the presentation. Questions that are not addressed during the webinar will be answered and circulated to all attendees in a FAQ sheet format
Ayrat Kaldarov
hey there!🤟🏻
E-AHPBA - Carrie
WELCOMEOur Twitter hashtag for the Webinar is #EAHPBAWebinars, we encourage you to introduce yourself and your work to the virtual community. Please however respect speakers who advise at the start of their presentation if they do not want their presentation to be tweeted.
E-AHPBA - Carrie
Questions can be submitted through the “Q&A” facility
David Aranovich
Question to Prof. Bale. Any data on cryoablation vs. thermal ablations. Thank you
E-AHPBA - Carrie
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