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RSVP: LIVE FEEDBACK FRIDAY Water Madders w/Jamie Bourgeois & Madeleine McGarrity - Shared screen with speaker view
Elena Phipps
-- Are you printing your mordant? or printing the dye?
Michelle Glass
Jamie how to you stay safe when working with toxic water?
Cydni Carter
What tools would you both suggest to have to start performing tests with my own local waters?
Karen Williams
Jamie - curious if you tested the water AFTER dyeing
helen kennedy
a lot of Fibershed in Cal is burning. please keep in mind
Katie Smith
Um--dehumidifiers in Florida--every home has one!
helen kennedy
in AZ we collect rain water or use solar to distill water
Karen Williams
Kathy - remember the dye class in Cordova, AK (FisherFolk) and your madder results? Have you seen similar results since then?
Mickey Mariash
So fascinating! Love that you are both so conscious of interconnectedness of these processes and the environment.
Linda's iPad
recommendations for collecting rain water?
Katie Kaplan
Madeleine- I’m really impressed by the strong white in your unmordanted areas. I saw on your instagram you do finishing baths to remove some of the pink from those areas. What method is that?
ann loescher
How does your scientific approach influence your art?
Virginia Ameztoy
Do you add the mordant together with the dye when you print???
Margarida Vasconcelos
Fascinating both presentations :) Water usage is something that I am really concerned about. Any tips on reducing the amount of water on scouring, mordanting and then dyeing? Do you exhausted mordants? What is the best way to dispose it?
ann loescher
that question from ann Loescher
deborah barker
Typically we are taught that a more alkaline dye bath is good for deep red madder but am I reading correctly that both your results are showing the opposite? Have you had similar results on wool?
helen kennedy
time of day can influence tap water along with seasonality
Kathleen O’Grady
I’m looking for the presenters instagram handles by name….can you direct me. Doesn’t show up with a search. Thank you.
Deanna W
I think the approach of making differences tangible in this way is impactful—brilliant. As far as the madder itself, it could be interesting to use two sources (zero batches per test) at least a few times so as to speak to the question of what the madder itself contributes. in addition, have you thought about trying to quantify your differences in a way that would let you use clustering techniques and such? I wonder if a color analyzer program could be interesting. (you can probably tell I’m a science nerd :-)) THANKS!
Lyn Hart
There is an organization in Tucson-- The Center for Biological Diversity --and their focus is to protect the environment. They recently sued Formosa Plastics to delay construction of the plant that Jamie mentioned (which Formosa agreed to do on July 24th). The organization also keeps tabs on all of the destructive polices the Trump administration is trying to push through behind the scenes. You can sign up on their website to receive news about their efforts-- biologicaldiversity.org. They also provide pre-written letters & petitions that you can add your name to & with one click it gets sent to whoever they are pursuing or planning to sue. It's an easy way to embrace activism & keep informed of the harmful things businesses & our government are trying to do to the planet!
Karen Williams
Jamie - post dye water question more curious if madder or dyeing process affected pollution levels
Margarida Vasconcelos
Is there any ideal ph for madder? 5?
Lorraine Nielsen
Jamie--the Louisiana governor just signed executive orders to aggressively address carbon emissions in the state. Do you have hope that he is also planning to address the Cancer Alley pollution issues?
Elena Phipps
Re madder on cotton: have you read the literature on historic recipes for 'turkey red'? Traditionally there are other additives used -- fats/oils-- that help achieve bright reds.
Michelle Parrish
Are you both leaving the ground madder in the dye bath with the fibers?
Betty Davis
The issue with Cancer Alley is called Environmental Racism and it happens all over the country, whether it’s in my Harlem community in New York with the installation of bus depots to so many other locations whether processing plants, pig farms, etc. are located. Thank you so much for highlighting Cancer Alley.
helen kennedy
i have had similar experiences with cochineal.
trish moon
Can someone post the page to follow Sally Fox right now? I can't seem to find anything about what's going on there right now - thanks
Patricia Massie
what are your backgrounds? science, art, both?
Margarida Vasconcelos
Thank you, I will start exhausted mordants and will keep dye baths in jars :)
Carolyn Coates
You can follow Sally Fox on Instagram at @vreseis
Maggie Woods
Thank you so much for your presentations - they are very educative and inspriational :D
trish moon
On other zooms I've been on the chat doesn't usually show up on a recording.
helen kennedy
sally on IG to see her fire experience
trish moon
I don't have Instagram - only fb or blogs if she is posting there.
Ana Galindo
Thanks so much! I learned so much today. Have a great weekend everyone.
nora shapiro
Any tips for clearing a madder dye bath?
Michelle Glass
What are your IG pages?
Bea Brown
Thank you for this information. I am happy to see focus on Cancer Alley and environmental racism issues. My background is in cancer diagnostics and I am a natural dyer as well. The intersection of these ideas are so relevant.
Aleksandra Azbel
Jamie, can you talk more about the relationships you’ve developed with the scientific community through this?
AMAZING! Such great presentations/data shared! Thank you again Kathy and Amy for this. Lunch break over……xo
Susan Akins
thanks for an interesting and thought-provoking presentation. makes me want to check out my river, the Rio Grande.
Elena Phipps
Jaimie-- do you see an application of your studies as a method of actually taking the pollution OUT of the water? You have talked about detecting it but are you thinking there be some future potential for reducing the pollutants and removing them from the water?
Debbie Bamford
Thanks for a fascinating time! Horrified by what is happening in the Mississippi area, hope you can get it under control. great to see what you are doing, yes Liles is brilliant on advice and chemical knowledge. In the UK you can ask the water board for a report that tells you what chemicals should be found in the water and what percentages - it's a good starting point for us. (no guarrantee that other polutants aren't in there too from industry) Cheers deb
Susana Piqueras
thanks from Peru ♡
Terri Van Sleuwen
excellent presentation! thanks everyone!
Katie Smith
that was truly amazing! Thank you!
Karen Cleaver
fabulous experience being with you
Christina Day
This was really amazing, thank you both
Karen Williams
Thank you SO MUCH
Marietta Richardson
Thank you so much. Will check out my rainwater vs tap water. Have already found that you can heat a madder bath to a much higher temperature than normally advised. This was also from a medieval recipe. I got a deeper colour on wool the longer the material was dyed for which leads me to believe that madder releases more colour over time. Great presentation. Thank you
deborah barker
Brilliant work Jamie and Madeline! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your research and processes!
Virginia Ameztoy
Thank you from the Basque Country , amazing listening to you.
Doreen Barnaville
Thanks for such an informative session
kathy green
amazing and wonderful. Thank you again. Kathy
Frances Pinney
fascinating stuff! Lots to take away and think about on so many levels. Keep up the good work ladies! love from the UK x
Kelly Bahash
Thank you for sharing! So much interesting research!
Susan Cooper
So much new information, thank you from Maine!
Patricia Massie
so interesting! thank you so much for all the information and food for thought. Great presentation. and thank you Kathy & Amy for keeping us all connected.
Julie Gibney-Vamvakari
Thank you for such an amazing talk, especially as I live on a tiny Aegean island with almost no water…am really interested in the solar powered water ‘purifier’ Well done ladies!
Margarida Vasconcelos
Thank you so much, absolutely fascinating
k schneider
thank you great episode
Rachel Barclay
Thank you!! very inspiring and educational!!
Anita Fleming
Thank you so much very inspiring! Are Jamie and Madeleine on IG?
Louise Yale
Sara Ashford