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what about young children and what they're watching / playing is mostly educational ?
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how do you stop a 12 year old boy to stop shooting video games? should it be gradual?
Leah’s iPhone
how do you keep a boy busy when they don’t have other 12 year olds to play with.. especially during quarantine?
how do we combat screen time when now alot of the school work became on a computer/ phone and they're getting used to it?
Rabbi You are so right about entertainment, I promise that what you have covered is only the surface of the problem, there is so much not known by the general public about the television and entertainment industry, it’s more than dangerous, it is truly ung-dly, so much science, engineering and research is applied to these industries at the corperate level, the human mind doesn’t stand a chance, we have only to look at past generations and compare it with ours, it’s self evident, it can not be ignored. 100 Cups Tower sounds awesome.
'Digital Minimalism' by Cal Newport is a great read on this topic
do you think a child who he is restricted will not be able to control himself if he is exposed? like a child who is not allowed any candy at all then goes to a friends house and eats tons and tons. once the child is allowed access to internet, maybe in adulthood, would he want to indulge?
I believe the Rabbi To Be Correct, what is abnormal becomes normal, it’s better to mature and learn normality and then see the horrors for what they are.