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Rounds 2021-2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Eman Ramadan
Migraine + aura + OCP = increases risk of strokeHow do you counsel their risk of stroke with unplanned pregnancy- as estrogen levels will be high
Eman Ramadan
What’s your thoughts on higher dose ASA for treatment of migraines in pregnancy?
Lisa Yang
Will these slides be made available ?
Peter Watt
Sometimes headaches in pregnancy will last several days. Your notes say tension headaches can last seven days. Do you have any suggestions for when to ramp up investigations to rule out serious issues like sagittal sinus thrombosis?
Dept of Obs & Gyn
Lisa- the recording will be added to the following site: https://obsgyn.mcmaster.ca/faculty-and-staff-resources/star-cv
Lisa Yang
thank you!