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All Four Pillars: English, English as a Second Language, and Mathematics Placement, Access, Enrollment, Support, and Success - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendy Smith
Huge increase in success across the state: 57,000 in English and 31,000 more in math! Woohoo!
Erik Armstrong
A couple of questions: (1) I've heard a few times "more students are failing," so in that do we mean more students are failing in transfer-level English or more students are failing in transfer-level English compared to former total composition pathways (remedial+transfer-level)? (2) Could the TOP Code provide muddled data since it includes courses not addressed by AB 705 and may not likely yet be impacted, such as specialty literature courses?
Erik Armstrong
Also there is a writing phobia for sure
Cheryl Aschenbach, ASCCC Secretary
@Erik, more students are failing transfer-level English compared to prior semesters of transfer-level comp only (not counting entire remedial pathway, only transfer level). It’s the result of more students entering at transfer level. The plus side is because more are enrolling directly into transfer level English, more are being successful. But that also means there are more failing, which we can continue to work to address.
Cheryl Aschenbach, ASCCC Secretary
Not a criticism, but it leads to the question of what can we do to lift those students so we see more successes? As faculty, none of us like seeing students fail.
leslie rice
Do we have any data yet on what the students are taking in the semester after they fail the transfer level course? Are they trying again or taking another route? It might be too early to have data on this.
Cheryl Aschenbach, ASCCC Secretary
Exactly the type of question we need to ask, Leslie. I don’t think the state level data is available to answer it yet, but we can ask at our colleges
leslie rice
Thank you
Morgan Lynn
I’m also concerned that when 705 was put in place, there was also not a corresponding look at punitive academic policies like probation, and who that would hit hardest
Ginni May, ASCCC VP
@Leslie - great question - that is where we need to dig in and we have support to do so now.
Erik Armstrong
@Cheryl I'd love to talk more about this during the Q&A session
Ginni May, ASCCC VP
@Erik - yes, bring that up during Q&A - there is a lot to talk about.
Morgan Lynn
The structural racism of the institution as a whole needs to be addressed to help students succeed
Erik Armstrong
Yes ^^^
Wendy Smith
leslie rice
Embedded tutors and wonderful reading/writing centers really help with retention and success.
Cheryl Aschenbach, ASCCC Secretary
@Erik, definitely lots to talk about. Let’s look forward to Q&A
Erik Armstrong
UC transfer has been wonderful for our ESL students!
Kathy Wada, Cypress College ESL
@Erik YES! We are hopeful that our courses will be approved for C2/3B!
Erik Armstrong
Me too! It is a vital component 🙏🏼
Wendy Smith
In the CUNY Math study, Alexandra Logue et al found that students who took coreq stats, gained confidence, and then wanted to enter a STEM pathway did so successfully and without remediation.
Erik Armstrong
^^Great point
Ginni May, ASCCC VP
Respondents:Academic Senate Presidents; Curriculum Committee Chairs; and Department Chairs of English, English as a Second Language, mathematics, and counseling are all asked to participate. The department chairs should seek input from related disciplines that are affected by placement.Preparation to Respond to Survey:It is recommended that you read through the survey before responding. If you have access to institutional, departmental, or other sources of data to support your responses please include, although not required. If you have any questions regarding the survey or would like assistance in completing the survey, please email info@asccc.org. A pdf of the survey is attached for reference.Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WCKXGTLPlease respond by May 7, 2021.
Erik Armstrong
True, we also had an accelerated pathway, too, in Fall 2018
Dr. LaTonya Parker ASCCC Area D Representative
Resources:ASCCC Online Handbook for Guided Pathways on Canvas: https://tinyurl.com/CCC-GP2018Request ASCCC support visit at info@asccc.org
Kevin Van Houten
Thank you all!