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Public Investment in Higher Education: Research, Strategies, and Policy Implications - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Delaney
For Shi and Chin – thank you for your presentation. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about how political party pushes on structural relationships in funding – like funding formulas, or court mandates (especially for K-12) – and enrollment trends. Likewise, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about how the business cycle and its impact in shrinking or growing state revenues within balanced budget requirements impacts funding (especially those state budget areas that are discretionary vs. non-discretionary). Finally, I wonder about the role of local funding relating to these state-level funding decisions. Because there are such differences across states in the use of local property taxes to support community colleges, I wonder if you could use this variance to use there to think more formally about the interplay of state and local resources.
David Tandberg
The data Will mentioned can be found here: https://americanlegislatures.com/data/
All webinar recordings so far are available here https://sheeo.org/publicinvestmentinhied/
Mark Chin
Thank you everyone for coming to the presentations! Thanks to SHEEO, and Will for great comments. Feel free to reach out with any thoughts/questions about our work!