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School Partnerships in a Virtual Learning World - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeff Richardson
Good evening from Jeff Richardson - Metro District - Fair View Mooresville
Kris Mares
Hello everyone! I’ll be our chat monitor this evening. Please type in your questions or what you hope to learn tonight. I’ll try to make sure your questions get answered tonight!
Jeff Richardson
I was mainly curious as to how churches were able to support after-school tutoring in virtual setting - our church has done lunch buddies and a little tutoring some years ago, and currently we, for several years, have supported a back pack food ministry. We had an elementary school right across the road from us, but the school has moved to a different location and the present building is no longer used as a school.
Kris Mares
In what way is your church praying for your local schools?
Kris Mares
What relationships might you need to develop in planning your church/school partnership?
Nicole Jones
Bryson City UMC heard from schools that some virtual students didn't have a place to work, and that in some homes space was limited. The church found a creative response by making collapsible desks-- designated work space and space saver!
Kris Mares
1. What do you see and or hear that relates to prayer, relationship building, collaborations and context?2. Where is your church with these core values in starting or going deeper to serve the needs of families in your neighborhood.
Cheryl Perkins
Good Evening Everyone. I have to jump off for an international work meeting. I have enjoyed thus far and will look forward to the recording.
Darlene Horne
Thank you Jeff...
Susan Pennock
Schools are challenged right now. Please understand it is hard to get a response. Not only reaching out to schools for how to support, but also reaching out to other organizations in your community to determine what they are witnessing.
Susan Pennock
Yes, Allan, the missional networks could offer great support when working together!
Kris Mares
We’ll have a time of Q&A at the end, so please type your questions here in the chat box!
Jeff Richardson
Amazing accomplishment to get all of the students caught up when some were 2 months behind - awesome!
Kris Mares
What practical application questions do you have?
Susan Pennock
At the very least this has been a reminder to work on our relationships. If you are not getting a response from schools. Understand that they are completely overwhelmed. Take responsibility for the relationship. If this is your situation, please gather your group to pray for the school and consider acts of kindness and hospitality to work toward a mutual relationship. This is good time to send cards and small gifts. It matters.
Jeff Richardson
Even in the "post-COVID" new normal - whatever that is - there will continue to be ongoing needs in our schools.
Camille Roddy
Yes Jeff. Now is the time to start looking at a post COVID response.
Nagatha Tonkins
We learned school counselors and social workers are very helpful.
how can we get links for resources?
Kris Mares
Huggins - you will get a document emailed to you with all the links that were on the slide.
Kris Mares
You can also visit https://www.wnccumc.org/c4cabout for more information about church-school partnerships.
Brian Mateer
Links will also be posted on the WNCC website under the Winter Leadership Training
Kris Mares
The slides will also be available to you and sent via email.
Camille Roddy
Yes, Nagatha you are right.
Lindsay Johnson
One way our small, rural church was able to support students/families during this pandemic is to partner with Food Donation Connection (foodtodonate.com). This allowed us to work with our local Papa John’s to pick up good food that was not used. We pick up 3 times a week, wrap it up, freeze it. Then, once a month, a school admin who works with the Migrant Education Program picks up the food and distributes it to families in need. Highly recommend!
Jeff Richardson
Thanks for some good ideas and thoughts for us to consider - agree prayer must be first - I have to leave but very much appreciate the session
Camille Roddy
Thank you to everyone who joined us tonight!
Susan Pennock
Allan Van Meter
Thank all of you who took the time to present this information to all of us!
Claudia Harrelson
We discovered how much it meant when we sent a small bag with some treats, etc. and included the custodians - they are often overlooked.
Jean Jones
Our church does a monthly staff morale booster, small treats and inspirational/ self care quotes to thank and affirm the staff
Kris Mares
Please take a moment to complete this post-survey so we can provide further resources as needed: https://wnc-reg.brtapp.com/C4CWorkshop
Gary MacDonald
Thank you, all
thank you all
Charlene Curtis
Thank you for the presentation. The information and encouragement was much needed.
Nagatha Tonkins
Thank you.