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Funding for NGOs: How are key donors responding in the wake Covid-19? - Shared screen with speaker view
Emmanuel Luyirika
Thank you all for attending the webinar and for your responses in the process
Jose Pereira
Excellent webinar. Thank you to APCA for organizing. Thanks to presenters. Will there be a copy of the presentation available and will the list of potential funding opportunities (with links) be made available as well? Thank you
Emmanuel Luyirika
Yes Dr Jose, The recording will be available with audio and slides
Jose Pereira
IN the spirit of collaboration and networking, will organizations like Hospice Africa Uganda be collaborating with organizations that have already been in the Luso countries teaching … I am referring here to the course it puts on for Lusophone countries. There are several Portuguese speaking colleagues and organizations in Portugal who have been doing over the years work with the Lusophone countries. It would be good to network and collaborate with APCA and these Portuguese palliative care experts to present courses in Portuguese. Thank you.
Jose Pereira
Thank you Emmanuel
Jose Pereira
Thank you so much! Excelelnt