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KCA Virtual Meeting - Lovette Russell - Shared screen with speaker view
Patrick Hill
Highly recommend the WKRP episode - Classic! And Arlo Guthrie's song, Alice's Restaurant, another Thanksgiving tradition.
Christina Faine
We were super excited to get the news that a grant was approved for our Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs. Your gift to the Kiwanis Foundation truly makes an impact!!! Thank you!!!
Magen McRoberts
INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you Lovette and thank you Mary Pat Crouch for reaching out with a personal email to invite us to join. So grateful for this powerful message this week <3
Tanya Egins
This was so inspiring...thank you for sharing your story!
Teri Emond
Sam Friedman, thank you for inviting me as a guest today. Lovette, thank you as you continue to inspire so many. So powerful!
Scott Sikes
Quick reminder to everyone that we all can be organ donors. You sign up when you renew your drivers license
what a blessing for this season of gratitude