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OLAM Webinar: The Jewish Response to the COVID Crisis in India - Shared screen with speaker view
Dr William Greene, Clinical Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases at SUNY-Stony Brook, NY, USA and
Erin Zaikis
Hi all! I’m Erin Zaikis, founder of Sundara (www.sundarafund.org) and so lucky to be with all these wonderful organizations and OLAM today!
Ovadia Sofer
hi, I'm Ovadia from Shalom Corps, Israel
Neeraj Nagpal (He/him)
Neeraj Nagpal, Sr. Director of Finance, Repair the World
Yael Shapira, OLAM
Welcome everyone!
Marina Rosove Javor (she/her)
Hello from Los Angeles. I'm the associate director for AJWS LA.
Valerie Gerstein
Valerie Gerstein, Gabriel Project Mumbai board member and member of the UJA-Federation of New York Global Jewish Safety Net committee.
Erna Weber Daniel
How do you transfer funds to India, as there is a current issue for foreign donations?
Graham Carpenter, OLAM
Here is a link to the donation pages of the participating organisations: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A6oweZRnXlLp39Icz1ZVrwUJsVdQwnIXRUCSxFvZWeE/edit?usp=sharing
Robyn Lieberman
Hi, I’m Robyn Lieberman. I work in human rights and humanitarian response and am grateful for the opportunity to learn from this network.
Valerie Gerstein
Thank you for this convening, OLAM.
Kira Blumer, Tzedek UK
Hi everyone, I’m Kira Blumer CEO at Tzedek. Thanks to Olam for organizing this call.
Jenette Axelrod
Hi everyone, I’m Jenette Axelrod. I work on JDC Entwine’s programs in India and am grateful for this opportunity to learn about other OLAM partners’ responses in India.
Kira Blumer, Tzedek UK
Erna, the Indian government has made some exceptions for NGOs without the new bank accounts, which is allowing us to transfer funds. Not all will have access but it is alleviating some of the pressure.
Sheryl Cowan
Hi, I am Sheryl Cowan, SVP at CNFA - Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture, which works worldwide. I first learned about OLAM through an event at SID Washington several years ago, and I am always interested in what OLAM does, and happy to see how OLAM is helping India at this time
Naresh Verma
Good evening
Julie Richards
Hello, I’m Julie Richards, Assoc. Prof. of Social Work, SUNY Plattsburgh, and much of my work and research is in India. Thank you, Olam, for organizing this event and your work.
Yael Shapira, OLAM
Welcome all! If you have questions about OLAM, feel free to visit us at www.olamtogether.org or email me at yael@olamtogether.org.
Naresh Verma
Hello, I am Naresh Chandra Verma, Managing Director of BOARD, Patna, Bihar. Thank you Olam for organizing this event.
Naresh Verma
The second wave of COVID-19 is devastating for Rural Bihar. We do not fully know how much the extent of COVID-19’s wrath. In rural India, illiteracy is high and most deaths are never registered. The holy rivers have become house of bodies that couldn’t get their last rites
Dyonna Ginsburg, OLAM
Naresh, thanks for sharing. That is devastating.
Neeraj Nagpal (He/him)
@Naresh, there are so many reports from various news sources mentioning the same. It is truly heart breaking
Naresh Verma
The virus is now spreading into rural areas, where two-thirds of India's population lives and where access to testing and medical care is limited. There is no preventive awareness among them how the virus should be treated or tested for. There is a lack of clarity and medical kits on how to identify infection. In lockdowns, many are unable to feed themselves and their families. For most, no income means NO food.
Amy Weiss, OLAM
Thank you, Sam, for this comprehensive report. The current reality is devastating, but the efforts of organizations like AJWS, is truly inspiring.
Naresh Verma
Some horrifying sights, describes by communities from Daniawan block of Patna district.He says to BOARD team members that It’s hard to know who is dying from COVID here and who's not. Due to lack of healthcare system, People rarely seek any medical care. You know, rural people are used to that. It's a part of their life. That is very accepted easily in the rural areas of India.
Amy Weiss, OLAM
Naresh - absolutely devastating.
Natalie Silverlieb
Hi everyone, I’m Natalie. I am a Humanitarian and International Development practitioner working with GPM.  Besides myself and our founder, Jacob, our entire team is Indian, most from the communities where we work. This is extremely  important in promoting a localized community based response to this pandemic. In addition to our emergency response work, our community development programs over the past decade focus on access to healthcare, quality education, and livelihoods for some of the most marginalized and underserved communities in Maharashtra. What is unique about GPM is our local community led approach, enabling us to reach those who are usually overlooked.
Natalie Silverlieb
Thank you to other of the partners on the call for your critical work! And to Olam for providing this platform to share.
Naftali Moser
Question - Is the Government of Israel supplying some of our (reportedly large) stock of emergency equipment for use in India?
Yael Shapira, OLAM
Thanks for sharing Natalie. Amazing to hear that you're working hand in hand with the community
Coronavirus case in rural Bihar is likely even more of an undercount than in urban areas. His patients have long been hesitant to even get tested for the coronavirus. Many are afraid to go anywhere near a hospital. But that is gradually changing now because of the deaths that are occurring. People are now getting scared, and gradually changing their behavior towards getting tested. But that's a very slow process.
Keeping the situation in mind BOARD Trust is gradually support to vulnerable family in Daniawan block. The situation is grave and we need your support for Food and Hygiene & medical Kit Items.
Amy Weiss, OLAM
Thank you BOARD, for all of the work you are doing.
Kira Blumer, Tzedek UK
@Naresh, thank you for sharing this vital insight. BOARD is a Tzedek partner (we’ve been in touch last week and will continue as we work together to respond) and you’ve highlighted so well why we work in rural areas. We’ve heard from other partners in rural areas across the north and south who have all said that they have received NO aid or support from government or NGOs, even as covid spreads and the situation grows more and more dire. We are doing what we can to channel funds to these neglected regions, getting food, hygiene items, soap, and masks to these areas.
Graham Carpenter, OLAM
Please write your question in the chat or use the raise hand function
Robyn Lieberman
One of the most searing images I have seen is the overflow of the crematoria and the rivers. How can this aspect be managed for environmental impact?
Natalie Silverlieb
Loved what Sam said about LOCAL! This IS GPM
Valerie Gerstein
How are Federations and Foundationssupporting this region?
Lilach (she, her)
COVID in India is of course, tragically, front of mind for so many. As this issue falls from the headlines but the need remains, how can we still raise attention and funds for this important issue?
Naftali Moser
Regarding hygience, a good Israeli company to talk to is Soapy Israel, based in Rehovot
Judith Lasker
Thanks for this excellent program and most importantly for the work you all do.
Are you interested for support to vulnerable people in Bihar?
Marina Rosove Javor (she/her)
This is a very basic question, but I'm curious about whether "Covid-19" is the commonly used word for the illness throughout India like here in the USA, or is there another word that people use in India for the illness?
Neeraj Nagpal (He/him)
I know people generally refer to it as Corona in general, even though medical community addresses it as COVID
Marina Rosove Javor (she/her)
@Neeraj Thank you.
Naftali Moser
Final suggestion - there are many Indian PhD studfents in Israel at WIS and elsewhere - suggest to reach out to them
Graham Carpenter, OLAM
Click here to find the links to the donation pages of the participating organizations:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A6oweZRnXlLp39Icz1ZVrwUJsVdQwnIXRUCSxFvZWeE/edit?usp=sharing
Sam Wolthuis, AJWS (she/her)
Big thanks to Olam staff for hosting this!
Paul Anticoni - World Jewish Relief
Great presentations thank you OLAM.
Erin Zaikis
Thank you!
Valerie Gerstein
Thank you
Arielle Sokoloff
thank you everyone!
Julie Richards
Thank you so much!
Neeraj Nagpal (He/him)
Thanks OLAM!
thank you - so much respect for the work you do