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Expert Perspectives on UV as a Tool for N95 Decontamination - Shared screen with speaker view
Mickey Fortune
Hello Everyone. Welcome to the webinar. If you have questions, please type them in the Q&A box and we will get to as many as we can at the end of the webinar.
Mickey Fortune
We will follow up tomorrow with a recording of the webinar and information on obtaining slide decks. Thanks!
Mickey Fortune
If you have questions for our speakers or panelists, please type them in the Q&A box and we will get to as many as we can at the end of the webinar.
Jerry Eng
no sound
Mimoun Ayada
222nm harmous to human or not? any news?
Richard Simons
Excellent resource for discussion of 222 nm herehttp://www.iuva.org/iuva-covid-19-faq
Alex N
We are looking into it for the makeup and hair industry in film and TV
Linda Gowman
Chip, agreed that those fundamental experiments need to be done but is there any reason, fundamentally, to think that this virus would not be susceptible?
Alex N
MIckey, as soon as this is over I shall email you. Thank you!
Linda Gowman
Chip- agreed absolutely. Thanks for your good work.
Chris Rockett
Nobody seems to want to talk about the fact that 222 nm excimer lamp studies that show no harm to mammal skin have used a low-pass filter in front of the lamp to filter out the higher wavelengths 230-260 nm that are also produced by the KrCl excimer discharge. A study exposing skin on human volunteers with an UNfiltered 222 nm excimer lamp indeed showed evidence of erythema and DNA damage. So, if the filter is necessary: Who makes it? How much does it cost? How large can it be made? How does it age? Does it "open up" and start to pass higher wavelengths that you don't want or does it "close" and start to absorb the wavelengths that you do want? I want to know more about this filter before I have any confidence in 222 nm excimer lamps in occupied spaces. Anyone know and care to comment?
Richard Simons
@Chris, this is a much longer discussion than our focus. see here for a great summary. http://www.iuva.org/iuva-covid-19-faq