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U.S. Floral Domestic Grower Meeting #4 - Shared screen with speaker view
Camron King
Other marketing orders are structured to include the entire industry and not just for a selected group to be a part of. It would seem appropriate to be as inclusive as possible.
Val Schirmer
Camron, do you mean including retail outlets, like grocery stores, florists, etc? Not sure what you’re thinking on “the entire industry”?
Camron King
There is a provision in the Draft Order that would allow for a re-allocation of board seats after adoption to align with assessments being paid. Wouldn't this allow for increased boards for importers thus re-aligning the oversight and minimizing domestic board?
Benno Dobbe
Who selects the board members?
Camron King
@Val, I mean going below the de minimus level so that all farms would be included. I have run mandatory assessment marketing orders that include everyone and then provide an option for applying for an "opt out" instead of simply setting an arbitrary threshold.
Michael Genovese
Cameron, the reallocating of board seats is very concerning. it seems like the domestic share of seats could disappear in a few years.
Camron King
One of the other challenges with the threshold is that USDA does not have nationwide data and so how would the oversight be handled, unless all are under the provisions of the Marketing Order?
Michael Genovese
2 or 3% for domestic marketing right now, but importers will control the board. how long is that going to last for?
Camron King
The domestic promotion is not mandatory and is discretionary for board allocation on an annual basis
Is there a plan to hire a marketing firm or hire a staff of your own?
Michael Genovese
the Christmas tree promotion board assesses a MUCH smaller % of sales than this proposal would. in addition, it assesses all farms over 500 trees. in addition, all members of the board are domestic growers
Michael Genovese
the majority of the industry is imported flowers. every single domestic grower could be against this and it could still get pushed through
Camron King
The draft order does not have provisions for a vote for board members, but rather calls for nominees to simply be put forward to the Secretary
How will collection be enforced?
Camron King
It would have been great to have industry wide town halls with everyone who would fall under the Marketing Order - both Domestic and Importers together, since the thoughts would be that this is industry wide the webinars would be nice to hear from the importers as well - keeping constituents separate doesn't seem very inclusive of the whole industry
Benno Dobbe
Why are you starting with such a high assessment of 1% compared to the other examples provided. As we all know this is a much more significant % of margins, especially for domestic producers.
Michael Genovese
dues for my Christmas tree farm are around .0012% of sales to put things in perspective
Benno Dobbe
The California Cutflower Commision had an assessment of 0.45% of sales and was decisively voted down by the California flower farmers!
Camron King
How is the feedback from surveys going to be released and will there be entire industrywide town hall meetings to discuss and provide collective feedback?
Michael Genovese
dues for our tree farm are .125% rather*
Camron King
we need to be as inclusive as possible - the challenges of keeping the industry separate seems counter to what the spirit of the Marketing Order is proposing
I love the idea, im worried of the %, 19MIL is a whole lot of marketing..... lots of talented marketing staff in this industry, now more than ever,
Benno Dobbe
You should start with a much smaller assessment and budget to prove value first like the Christmas tree example.
Greg Gabrels
Thank you very much!