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(REF170800) Innovation and Accountability in Engineering & Science: the role of Funding - Shared screen with speaker view
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You can see the live meeting notes here: https://otter.ai/u/B46hEjq1QVMLQMYsN1TIIydZDM8Scroll back to review anything you missed.
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Does anyone have any questions or action items?Let's capture them in the meeting notes: https://otter.ai/u/B46hEjq1QVMLQMYsN1TIIydZDM8
Frank Ojwang
Is that really true, that they are returning? Do we have statistics or data on the returnees? Is it significant that we can talk of returnee trends?
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if members of the audience wish to participate in the discussion just put your question in the chat, and if you raise your hand, I will call on you
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see StartupAct.TN
Frank Ojwang
That is interesting and good to learn about the policy framework in Tunisia. The script is different in Sub-Sahara Africa. Tunisia is evidently ahead in this front.
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Zack - if you can pose your question here in chat, I’ll call on you
A follow up question to Ali on people in diaspora coming back to Africa. I wish to request how l can be part of the startup program as l am qualified Dr of Mathematics in South Africa without a job and l am forced to look for a job in the first word
Frank Ojwang
The missing middle is a pandemic that delays the achievement of SDGs in SSA, and the systemic design impediments is the leading derailer for achiving the Singapore-effect in SSA
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Talent for Startups - 6-12 month training with placement at the end