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NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
For further reading:America’s Health Segregation Problem: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/05/americas-health-segregation-problem/483219/https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2020/06/atlantic-reader-race-and-racism-us/613057/https://nonprofitaf.com/2020/06/have-nonprofit-and-philanthropy-become-the-white-moderate-that-dr-king-warned-us-about/
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
Hi all, to go along with those great links Katie put in the chat, you might want to check out this facebook group, Nonprofit Happy Hour run by Vu Le from Nonprofit AF: https://www.facebook.com/groups/179867405725516/
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
This facebook group has great lively discussions surrounding racism
lynn Crandall
Subject: Invitation: TDP Demo @ Tue Jul 7, 2020 9am - 10am (PDT)Lionel, Jim has great conferencing services and can help you and your people see him and his people and the resources, manpower and contacts they have to help you so we can all be a diverse, inclusive, noncompetitive, transparent team working for ROI - RETURN ON INTEGRITY first and the return on investment will follow. Think about this and register for the webinar if you can. LynnYou have been invited to the following event.TDP DemoWhenTue Jul 7, 2020 9am – 10am Pacific Time - Los AngelesWhereGoToMeeting (map)Calendarlynn.crandall@gmail.comWho•jim.beddows@decisionplatform.io - organizer•cannon.gardner@decisionplatform.io•aquaponikus@gmail.com•peterbnyc@gmail.com•joe.miller@decisionplatform.io•lynn.crandall@gmail.commore details »Going (lynn.crandall@gmail.com)? Yes - Maybe - No more options »Invitation from Google CalendarYou are receiving this email at the account lynn.crandall@gmail.com because you
How to we use public space to reframe our discussion with the use of art