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New Team Manager Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Winnett - co AD (super sidekick!)
Welcome everyone!! Please rename yourself with your name and the group/town/school you are here for
Tracey Johnson, Woburn
For Elementary level, when they are considering the various challenges, do you have a suggestion on how to approach it? ie have you ever just reviewed a couple each week before deciding? I'm concerned it might be overwhelming
Tracey Johnson, Woburn
re IC...It doesn't have to be the team manager, but could be another adult? I could imagine that the manager for another town team might be a better person to sit in. (to limit distraction)
Michelle Winnett - co AD (super sidekick!)
Tracey - the adult that joins the team in Instant challenge is usually the team manager, but occasionally another adult is allowed to sit in, but you should reach out to the regional director prior to tournament for approval. A TM for another team may not be approved simply to avoid the appearance of advantage to the other team
Shanthi, Challenge Me Inc
So it is not going to follow the same location as previous years?
Tracey Johnson, Woburn
There are 3 community teams in Woburn. Two have the same managers & are the siblings for our team. If we are all registered etc in time, we should be able to be at the same location for the reg'l tournament
Tracey Johnson, Woburn