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Colts Neck BOE - SHIF Transition and Chapter 44 Overview - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellen Hannen
There find a doc is not updated. My P.T. is listed as out of network but they are and have been for years. They called to confirm it depite what the find a doc says.
Linda Asaro
Can people put comments addressed to all panelists and attendees? He's talking fast and it's hard to follow.
Linda Asaro
I heard that the EHP has "steps"...meaning that if you were told, for example, that you need heart meds that were approved by your doc, Aetna may require you to take other steps before it is approved (i.e. showing that you are exercising or trying a natural remedy).
Linda Asaro
Is it only steps with other drugs or things like exercise (step therapy)
Linda Asaro
I'm asking about steps because what if your doctor says for example you need chemo. Will Aetna say you have to try vitamin therapy as a step (just an example).
Lysa Cook
Can you return to the chart comparing benefits and costs between the plans.
Lysa Cook
Do you know where all this information is posted on the website?
Linda Penwell-Celkupa
Thank you!