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August 9th ANC Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Bobbi Laratta
Could everyone please mute; there’s a lot of background noise.
Denise Young
Dementia risk doubles every 5 years after age 65, after age 85 about 1 in 3 will have some form of dementia
Bobbi Laratta
In addition to OLLI, there is another organization called Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning http://brcll.com/ They have short-term classes (one-time or a 2 or 3-session class). They are currently continuing in Zoom mode only through December. Lifetime membership is $75; class fees range from $20-50 (discount for members). You do NOT have to be a member to take classes. When they return to in-person classes, they will take place on the campus of Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock.
mary bryant
Thank you for program. Must leave early
patricia thomas
Thank you!