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Transit Tuesday - The Importance of Transit in Communities of Color - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellie Newman
Does anyone have a link to the 2018 equity report Oni references?
Laura Calderon
We can ask Oni to share that report and will have your state association director share it as well as the recording of this session.
Christof Spieler
Here’s the LINK “Equity in Transit” report: https://linkhouston.org/reports-briefings/equity-in-transit-report/
Andrew Lukaszewicz
Are there any lobbyists to advocate for more affordable housing with TOD investment in areas where the captive riders of public transit live, which are predominantly communities comprised of person of color? We need to enhance their experience as do other for profit transportation organizations do.
Julie Mattes
Excellent discussion, thanks to all.
Sean Irvin
excellent webinar. Thank you all for your time!
Andrew Lukaszewicz
Thanks very informative!