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Legislative Luncheon - Shared screen with speaker view
Benjamin Fisher
Last year there was a lot of talk about funding "IWILL" trust. One way to do that was through the governor's Invest in Iowa Act and the …Well, Shannon beat me to this, a bit.
Carrie Koelker
you are correct. Currently mental health is funded on property tax payers.
Jason Putz
Thanks for your commitment to Iowans and I greatly appreciate the work that you do in Des Moines for us back here in eastern Iowa. Gotta get back to work. Karla, thanks for organizing this.
Carrie Koelker
Sorry, I have another 1:00 meeting. Thanks for taking the time to join us today---I appreciate your input. call me anytime
Shannon Lundgren
Thank you everyone! Great discussion and we will see you all again soon!