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Will Holmes
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Jamila Sams
Questions: 1: If I have a S-Corp, I was asked to have board minutes, but I am a single-owner S-Corp. What would I submit? I requested a report from the SBA. 2: If your company is bringing in money, but the funds are covering operational expenses and you are NOT paying yourself, can you still collect unemployment? 3: Do you charge taxes based on where your company is based or based on where customers live if you are selling digital services?
Greg Clark
I can believe that. The IRS is on a hiring surge right now.
Greg Clark
"Where the product or service is delivered, consumed, or performed" is how I've always understood it.
Jamila Sams
How do I set up a SEP?
Teddy The Tax Man™
I set up SEP's all the time. If for whatever reason, you'd like me to recommend someone else, I'll GLADLY do that.
Teddy The Tax Man™
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Veronica Yu Welsh
Veronica Yu Welsh Shawe Rosenthal, LLP veronica.k.yu@gmail.com / vyw@shawe.com