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Coronavirus Information - Self-Advocates Connecting - Shared screen with speaker view
Max Barrows
I have to go. Take care.
Donnie Denome
Sites that we use to find images:• Flaticon - flaticon.com• Vecteezy - vecteezy.com• Freepik - freepik.com• Envato Elements - elements.envato.com• Human Pictogram 2.0 - pictogram2.com/?lang=en• Adobe Stock - stock.adobe.com
Donnie Denome
It can be really overwhelming! It does get a lot easier over time as you learn how to do it and build up an image library you can refer to
Donnie Denome
We typically use Illustrator or Photoshop to design icons
Karen Topper
The slides and recording will be posted at https://www.selfadvocacyinfo.org/resources/sartac-zoom-meetings/
Shannon Rivas
Thanks Karen, I will look forward to see those powerpoint slides from this training soon.
Donnie Denome
So, if you had the sentence "I eat apples" and the sentence "apples are good" on the same page, I would NOT want to use an icon of an apple for both sentences. You might have an apple within a larger, more complex icon for each sentence, but don't use the same exact icon for both sentences
Donnie Denome
When we do acronyms, we usually the acronym alongside the spelled out version and use an icon alongside it. So we might say "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a government agency. The CDC makes decisions about vaccines." And use an icon that represents the CDC.
Donnie Denome
Yes, we use logos for icons sometimes. We use the CDC's logo as the CDC icon, for example.
Dana Thompson
That was a great idea Shannon!
Shannon Rivas
Thanks Dana!
Shannon Rivas
Thanks Zoe and Donnie!
Donnie Denome
We talk about that in the presentation! We have a list of other programs that you can use for the same work and we can add in a list of ways you can get the software for cheaper.
Mary Angus Aimee Folker NE
Thank you for everything!
Teresa Moore
Thank you everyone. Wonderful work