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Industry Call - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Berger
What is never talked about are the absolute numbers and the other costs rather than covid. We had two suicides, 9 unemployed, domestic violence, depression, addiction, abuse etc. When talking with representatives please continue to bring this up. Targeted behavior to most vulnerable, rest a message to get back to life and behave responsibly.
Paul Berger
www.freealaska.org to find representatives and council information.
Brooke Sherick-Odom
-Bethel Alaska Beverage Taxo Who’s Involved: Bethel City Councilo What It Is: Ordinance #: 20-25• Proposing .01 Cent per ounce Tax on Sugar-sweetened beverageo Timing Customer Call• November 2 @ 2:00 PM (Alaska Time)o Call-in: (866) 814-9555o Code: 6957851498# Regular City Council Meeting @ 6:30 PM• November 10• November 24• December 8o The Vote• December 22o Locations/Stores Affected Bethel, Alaska 17 Businesseso Format Includes: Ice teas, lemonade, juice drinks, teas, sports drinks, energy drinks, flavored water, soft drinkso Purpose: Park development/recreational activities (Yukon-Kukowim fitness center)
Paul Berger
and increased testing