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CREBA Conversations: Repopulating Buildings - Shared screen with speaker view
Wendy Feldman Block
Does Dorothy or Dave anticipate that they will look to purse the new WELL Health Safety Rating certification for their buildings?
Wendy Feldman Block
And access to showers for bikers - even if fitness facilities aren't open, what are your respective policies on this.
Erin Cotter
We are concerned that getting to work via public transportation is more of an issue for our office tenants than being at work. What can Metro do to help commuters feel better about using the buses/subway to get to work?
Stephanie Landrum
We've been seeing a trend/demand for shorter lease terms based on uncertainty/change related to pandemic. Are you seeing that, and how long do you think that trend might stick?
Bruce Lane
what percentage of your office tenants are open and what percentage of their employees are coming to the office in DC and VA?
Post COVID, do you see these building system upgrades becoming permanent or the new standard or will landlords want to revert to pre-covid practices as some sort of cost savings measure/
Can you quickly comment on OpEx costs for 2020, and the implication of 2020 base years in FS leases? will they be significantly lower for 2020?
Des Burke
Thank You All.
Ramzah Khan
Thank you!