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"Reaching Rural America" with Urban Rural Action - Speaker view
Jeremy Garson
one sec
Jeremy Garson
i apologize for the delay. ill be ready in one second
Donna Murphy
I wish to learn more about engaging rural America.
Jennifer Thompson
Interested in your organization and wanting to learn more about how you're doing the work you're doing and what we can learn from it!
Sara Gifford
My name is Sara from ActiVote. We are working on voter participation and engagement. We've seen success in cities, but have struggled to reach effectively into rural America. I'm also interested in your organization and how we might be able to help eachother! Thanks for all you do!
Pam Sherman
Looking forward to hearing great ideas and seeing how we can work together.
Zoe Reiter
Hi, I'm Zoe, director of civic engagement for the Project On Government Oversight. I'm interesting in understanding how we might connect to groups working in rural areas on issues of federal corruption and abuse of power. (or to put it positively, for government accountability! ;) )
Rich Eng
We must win over conservatives in Wisconsin in order to pass the democracy reforms we are fighting for. Many of the conservatives in our state reside in rural areas. We need to learn how to better connect with them.
Shia Levitt
I’m working on a collaborative reporting project for journalism students at schools across the US and it will involve student reporters serving as the bridge between communities in different ideological divides. So particularly interested in language and ideologies that can feel inclusive to both rural and urban americans as well as to americans in a cross section of racial and political backgrounds as well.
Maxine Rich
Maxine here from Urban Rural Action! I'd like to dive into how urban folks can engage rural Americans without coming off as paternalistic. I'm also here to cheer on Joe and Kira :)
Kira Hamman
Thanks Maxine!
Jeremy Garson
Thank you everybody - ill take these questions down so we don't miss anything
Jeremy Garson
The Learning Sessions Page - https://www.bridgealliance.us/learning_sessions
Jeremy Garson
Urban Rural Action's website - https://www.uraction.org/
Sara Gifford
Our democracy works best when we are all involved and we are all speaking to eachother. Our goal is to make sure that "all" means all.
Kira Hamman
Great point, Sara.
Jeremy Garson
Fantastic point, Pam
Kira Hamman
Thank you for that, Pam.
Jeremy Garson
It was a question that we really struggled with when we put together last year's diversity report.
Lindi Kirkbride
Yes, personal identity. I think it’s willing to find out their values and just be able to sit with their answers,
Lindi Kirkbride
Location is very important! I might not take casseroles to my friends in Cheyenne when they have lost a family member but I would in a heartbeat to my surrounding rural neighbors.
I think some people have a tendency to think of rural Americans as being somehow more isolated in terms of exposure to the broader diversity that urban areas may have. But there’s definitely some urban isolation and lack of exposure to rural ideologies and experiences (like a connection to food sources/nature in a different more self-sufficient way). Though countering that you find in a lot of cities people who grew up in rural areas but left those areas to seek the city for various reasons.
Lindi Kirkbride
I think the internet has made the information on a level playing field but the access to broad band and where you get your info is very divergent in rural america.
Kira Hamman
That's a great point, Lindi.
Lindi Kirkbride
The elderly rural is a huge issue as well as their access to food (no meals on wheels)and services especially if they want to stay in their own homes.
This has been great - I have to log off to teach in 2 minutes but will watch the erst of the session online. Thanks for taking the time to give this presentation!
Jeremy Garson
Thank you for coming Shia!
Maxine Rich
This was such a thoughtful and thought-provoking presentation! Thank you!
Kira Hamman
I'm going to have to run to another session, I'm so sorry - so nice to talk to all of you! Thank you for being here and engaging on these issues.
Pam Sherman
Thank you, Kira! This was great! Appreciate the perspective you brought
Sara Gifford
Thank you for this - I need to jump off but have enjoyed listening to the conversation!
Jeremy Garson
Thank you for coming!
Zoe Reiter
Im sorry I have to go to my next meeting - thanks so much everyone for sharing your perspectives! Btw, if you have folks in your network who might want to see where those PPP loans really are going in your counties, we have a nifty easy to use tool for that. https://covidtracker.pogo.org/Again thanks, Zoe
Jeremy Garson
^great tool
Zoe Reiter
Also happy to provide trainings on the tracker for whomever is interested - I didn't think about how useful it might be until I heard Kira's story!