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FCCH TA Webinar #1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Shelli Mills
We can see the screen
Shelli Mills
Sorry I meant can't but now we can!
Brooke Brogle
If you took pre-licensing, do you also have to have submitted your application?
Shelli Mills
I applied for this grant before and got denied. It said something about awarding the grant to providers who serve underprivileged children. I am a single person so my income doesn't allow me to spend a lot on my program. I have a pretty good vision how I can work towards a better program to serve my current children and also to attract more children. Do you have an tips for what they are looking for?
Brooke Brogle
is the application available in Spanish?
Leanne Cabral
Will this zoom be available for review I did not get on till almost 1:30.
Brooke Brogle
Confirming the deadline is Sept. 7th?
Kerry Stewart
Thank you