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DFAN Masterclass: Technology Innovation in Covid Era: A Perspective on Startups’ Role - Shared screen with speaker view
Neeraj G
Hi Mukesh
Mukesh Kachroo
Hi Neeraj
Neeraj G
Why sarkar is not able to drive vaccination on fast mode...is it product availability or supply chain issue?
Nikhil Mehta
How can we extend the preventive infrastructure to avoid not just covid but other health conditions in India ?
Rakesh Gupta
How do we increase the social respons
Manoj Jain
since virus mutation is happening regularly, how the current vaccine will protect us?
Neeraj G
Wow Sukhbir for nice background....yes India will fight this
Rakesh Gupta
Sorry - my question was what can be done to increase the awareness about individual’s social responsibility in such times. I see people behaving very selfish and at a large scale. and clearly its not the lack of education. so what is it we are missing here as a country.
Godavarma CK
Very relevant 6 pillars. Citizen Services also need to be looked upon, that last mile challenge. How do we achieve herd immunity (6th pillar) in case of mutation.
Neeraj G
Will it be correct human being keep getting vaccine like software upgrade for decices
Sukhbir Singh Kinha
Thanks Neeraj Gupta ji
Godavarma CK
Continuum Care - I picked up that, that could be the something DFAN could look at by leveraging the community and working with relevant start ups to scale.
Rakesh Gupta
Very good point Sid - you just made about the morale of front line workers.
Manoj Jain
may people are exploring the situation by blackmarketing, creating supply gaps etc. how to handle same?
Sanjay Prasad
With the focus on Home care "hospitalisation" in focus with préférence to critical patients in formal hospital ICUs, a) what is IRDAI's vie on extending the domiciliatry hospitalisation as part of Mediclaim? b) is there an opportunity for startups to prepare "home care automation capsules" connecting to nodal hospitals and speculates?
Anshuman Verma
Annual Health check up is good one , but the Insurance needs to be checked to be inclusive. Insurers try to just reject 'imperfect' customers
Anshuman Verma
The regulator recently IRDAI , messed up the pricing of Health Insurance by allowing for opaque health insurance covers and pricing
Anshuman Verma
IRDAI is largely staffed by ex LIC babus who don't have experience in Health and there are no doctors or health experts in IRDAI which is a shame and an IAS officer heads it , WHY ?
Anshuman Verma
We need to pressure the RDAI via Finance ministry
Godavarma CK
I Liked your the Football Anology (Offensively Defense) and listened to Chinese story for that action. Wonderful insights. Thanks