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Wednesday Morning Group Lecture - Shared screen with speaker view
John Lantos (he/him/his)
Kathie, we’ll be eager to hear whether Martha’s experience was similar to your daughter’s
Amy B. Harris
He is not speaker for 10/20 however (switching in process)
Mary Beth Etherton
Is anybody else having issues with buffering?
Laurie Wilner
I'm not, Mary Beth.
Julie Frye
I often do, but not today
Julie Frye
Can you please tell us the story of when you met the Pope.
francesca kim
In LA there was a case where parents conceived a child who might be a good match as a donor for their existing child. Turned out the baby was a match. What do bio ethicists think about that?
John Lantos (he/him/his)
Francesca, I think that was for a bone marrow donation. Not a kidney. The risk of bone marrow donation is lower. Still, it was quite controversial. We can talk about that one, too
John Lantos (he/him/his)
Happy to talk about the Vatican meeting at the end. It was not about organ donation, but it was fascinating.
Kathie Cole
My husband’s transplant was also at Mayo.
Amy B. Harris
Working procurement call when I was in the O.R. and assisting with all types of transplants with two O.R's running during process it was always a very gratifying process for all concerned.
Julie Frye
what percentage of Americans have opted in for organ donation on their driver's license application?
Amy B. Harris
What support do donors get afterwards during their healing process?
Jill Gendelman
My father was on dialysis sat on a donor list for five years waiting for a match. In the end he got a kidney and we found out that aside from blood type it matched on very few parameters. He lived an additional five years and was still working upon his death. Why do they insist on matches and in the end it doesn’t seem to matter. This allows for many more transplants, doesn’t it?
Sherry Schweitzer
Is there an age limit for donation?
John Lantos (he/him/his)
Jill, because there is a shortage of organs, the UNOS system, which governs the allocation of organs, tries to insure that each kidney goes to the recipient in whom it is most likely to not be rejected. It is an attempt to maximize the benefits from this incredibly scarce resource. But it does lead to tragic choices to allow some people to languish or die
John Lantos (he/him/his)
No absolute age limit. But there are medical contraindications, and older people tend to have more medical problems.
How do they choose which kidney to take?
Martha Gershun (she/her)
The left kidney has a longer artery - easier to “cut and paste.” But if there are medical indications in the donor, they can transplant the right kidney too. It’s just harder and takes longer in surgery. I had two perfect kidneys - so they took the “easy” one. :-)
Kathie Cole
My daughter has developed vestibular migraines as well as many food allergies. We wonder if any of that can be a result of her donating her kidney.
Martha Gershun (she/her)
I’m so sorry to hear that. Those are not side effects I’ve heard about - but, there are lots of unknowns, of course. I hope she is able to find help - sounds very difficult.
Eva Tewel
Did you have any misgivings/doubts after you learned you were a match for Deb - e.g., thoughts about whether to look for another possible recipient?
If you attach a monetary value to organs is there a concern that it could lead to Illegal activity?
After the repeal of the British law, has there been any evidence of harvesting being resumed?
Lisa Forte
When my Father died, we donated his eyes and we received a letter that someone received them and could then see. It was quite moving.
Kathryn Suárez
In the context of Mayo not being especially communicative, to what extent did the experience reflect what you were told would unfold?
Kathie Cole
Alt what age are organs too old to be used for transplantation
How long is a donated kidney expected to prolong the life of the recipient?
Amy B. Harris
Corneas are good for a long time - donating them is fine in the elderly usually