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Business/Development/Engagement Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Solai Sanchez
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Amelia Atencio
Thank you. Excited to be here today.
Solai Sanchez
Please feel free to ask questions to our panelists throughout the session using the chat. When asking a question, please be sure to include your name and location!
Alecia Robins (She/Her)
Hello, my name is Alecia and I’m from Long Island, NY. I have a question for Jael Ballard: In your introduction you summarized really well how the opportunities you had from your network got you to where you are now in your career. My question is whether you had many other opportunities that presented themselves, and what the difference is between the opportunities you passed on and the ones you took the leap for?
Tracy Graham
Tracy - North Reading, MA. I went to Clark University, majored in Spanish, and earned by 5th year MBA in sustainability & social change. I work at an environmental consulting firm as an accounts payable manager, do Spanish translation/interpretation, and am on the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee. I want to do more hands on project-based work and collaborating with people and clients on the ground level. I would love to work internationally and with diverse, underrepresented populations like I did for a contract at Seven Hills Foundation where we started a library and brought 22,000 books to Sierra Leone. However, it is challenging to make that move from G&A to environmental, climate-based, & social work, which I think is the greatest issue of our time. What is your advice for people wishing to switch career paths from accounting (being pidgeon-holed) and the functionality of the company, for example, to nonprofit and project-based work?
Ashley Allen
Hello! Thanks so much for speaking tonight. My name is Ashley and I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I recently graduated from Macalester College in St.Paul this past spring with a degree in Economics and International Studies concentrated in media studies. I have two questions. What advice do you have for recent college graduates and what advice do you have for trying to get into a specific industry that may not quickly seem to ‘fit’ your college degree?
Sophie Giuliani
Hello, my name is Sophie from NJ. Thank you for having this panel. I was wondering if you had some advice about networking? What do you think is the most efficient way or does it depend on the situation?
Alecia Robins (She/Her)
Thank you so much to all the speakers!
Manny Blasco
Hi! This is Manny from NYC. Coming from the book publishing and art nonprofit worlds, I’m currently looking to pursue an MBA and pivot into new spaces like corporate communications and sustainability. What were the challenges you faced when pivoting to new career paths and how did you overcome/grow from it?
Aurora Sherman
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Jael Ballard
Thank you all! Great to share this platform with awesome people. Happy to connect via LinkedIn with anyone who wants to speak further!
Stavros Anastasiou
Hi! This is Stavros from NY. I'm a recent graduate in research who also has an interest in content writing. Could you go into a bit more detail about the initial experience in starting in another field?
Amelia Atencio
I love that - I studied art and now work in consulting. I spend a lot of time in front of my screen and so I decided to take a pottery class so I can work with my hands and use a different side of my brain.
Ashley Allen
Thank you for speaking!
Beryl Odonkor
Thank you so much panelists! I learnt a lot!
Stavros Anastasiou
Thank you for speaking. This was a great webinar.
Marianna Davidova
Thank you for sharing your experiences!
Shannon Guerra
Thank you very much for speaking to us!
Amelia Atencio
Thank you, Ann, Lindsey, Aaron and all! Much thanks!
Brigid Connolly (she/her)
Thank you very much!
Alecia Robins (She/Her)
Thank you! This has been so insightful!
Solai Sanchez
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Rebecca Shedd
Thank you!