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RLN Summer Seminar Series: Affordable Homeownership Finance - Gallery view
New York Housing Conference
Learn more about the RLN and apply to join us and be a part of our programming going forward! https://thenyhc.org/rln/
Rachel Fee
RLN is free to join and application link is found here: https://thenyhc.org/rln/
New York Housing Conference
Thank you everyone for attending! As a reminder you can join the RLN for free to be part of our programming and attend more events with us: https://thenyhc.org/rln/You can also watch a recording of our June kick off focused on Mayor Adam's housing plan: https://thenyhc.org/2022/07/01/recap-nyhc-event-housing-our-neighbors/And our panel on parking regulations: https://thenyhc.org/2022/07/28/nyhc-panel-on-new-york-city-housing-and-parking-regulations/
New York Housing Conference
This panel has also been recorded and will be available on our website!