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What Do Supts Need to Know and Do About the Newly Proposed Title IX Regs? - Shared screen with speaker view
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
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Tanyka M. Barber
The proposed regulations would provide opportunities for the Title IX grievance process to be more (although not totally) aligned with the student discipline processes used in many K-12 schools/districts.
Sasha Pudelski
Hi Michelle- you will receive an email in the next 48 hours with a copy of the PP and the recording so you can access it then and share it with colleagues.
Tanyka M. Barber
Hi Debra. Yes, that would be allowed under the proposed regs.
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
We will be sending the webinar recording with the presentation in the next 48 hours to everyone who registered!
Daniel C. Swinton
OCR loves seeing data and stories!
Daniel C. Swinton
ATIXA will be developing model policies and procedures shortly after the regulations become finalized, so that will be a help.