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ASTA Greater Seattle Social Hour Meet-Up with Sandals Resorts - Shared screen with speaker view
Leanne Sanchez
Hi Sandra!!!
Jarod McNeill
Hi Everyone, Once we begin everyone will be muted to just help the quality of the recording.
Jarod McNeill
If you have any questions, please submit them here and I will read them off at the end! Thanks for joining us today!!
Wendy Denny
Feel free to forward the recording to your agent friends who might not have been able to join us today!
Wendy Denny
How often do you send out your newsletter?
Jarod McNeill
Is the self serve buffet change to being served the same at ALL Sandals and Beaches resorts, or does it vary based on location and local recommendations?
Jarod McNeill
If anyone has any questions for Sandra about Sandals and/or Beaches, feel free too submit them here.
Amy Kimsey
Question - on a pre-covid test that comes back positive inside 5-7 days - Is Sandals able to help clients in this situation??
Amy Zinkhon
What are occupancy rates at the open resorts? Did I hear you say 20%?