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AMSPDC Research Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Maria Rueda Altez
Thanks for sharing your story. What are some ways in which you developed this collaborative relationships with peers/mentors from other institutions?
Abigail Blake
Feel free to turn on your cameras and please put any questions in the chat or you can unmute yourself and ask verbally.
Abigail Blake
Nobody has raised their hand
Elizabeth Yen
Tagging on that important question, when do you think is the right time to mentor others as we establish our career, i.e., what are the markers of this 'readiness'?
Reanna Dona
Thank you for sharing your talk. I am curious about how you might recommend trainees (those in graduate/medical school still) find mentors and sponsors? Do you recommend they only reach out to people at their institution or do you have recommendations on how to further build their network?
Nicholas Puoplo
Thank you very much for this talk. You have trained and worked at many different institutions. Was the diversity of each environment important for furthering your research and innovation? Do you think you could have been as successful if you stayed between one or two institutions?
Reanna Doña
Do you have any advice for an undifferentiated student trying to decide what pediatrics subspecialty might be a best fit for them?
Abigail Blake
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Reanna Doña
Thank you so much Dr. Davies!
Maria Rueda Altez
Thanks Dr. Davies. As a Peds ID fellow, hearing about your journey was very inspiring.
Elizabeth Yen
Thank you so much!
Remi Prince
Thank you!
Sarah Forgie
Great to see you Dele! Take care