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May Mental Health Talks: Workforce Gaps & Opportunities - Shared screen with speaker view
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
What incentives might Oklahoma offer to ensure a better mix of mental health providers (with all types of providers in mind)?
Teresa Burkett
not sure
Lucinda Morte
Some entities may offer sign on bonuses
Anna Richards (Healthy Minds Policy Initiative)
Please feel free to ask any questions in the chat box! We will have time for a Q&A at the end. If you'd like to ask your question anonymously, you can send a message to me and I will ask it.
Spencer Kusi
Curious on the trends/best practices on attracting new, younger professionals to the area of mental health? For example, in medicine, promoting residencies in psych, etc.
Lucinda Morte
Here’s a great list of screenings from Mental Health America https://screening.mhanational.org/screening-tools/
Whitney Bryen, Oklahoma Watch
How are treatment providers preparing for the medicaid expansion influx of patients? Are there any efforts underway to increase the availability of care for those folks?
Cari Marshall
EMRs and siloed software are contributing to a lack of 'whole health' integration/partnerships. Can we have influence on more strategic interoperability?
Lee Copeland
My son and daughter-in-law are both LPC's and spent time working in public mental health, primarily with Medicaid patients. They found that telehealth and use of remote technology was a useful tool for overcoming challenges that their client typically had with transportation or meeting typical appointments
Monica Barczak
Are MH telehealth visits being seen by PCPs?
Monica Barczak
Thanks, Dr. Duffy. I was wondering if telehealth was providing a door for PCPs to get more comfortable treating mental health issues.
Rebecca Hubbard
Anecdotally, Monica, what seems to increase primary care comfort with treating mental health issues is education and awareness of appropriate resources for referrals to services and supports.
Monica Barczak
That's helpful to know, Rebecca.
Toni Moore
Zach, any information on how faith communities (churches, faithbased nonprofits) can help access to counseling? There are many churches that have licensed professional counselors, licensed pastoral counselors and are very beneficial for the two most common diagnosis mentioned, ie. anxiety/depression. How can these faith-based resources be part of the solution?
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
What are the top three public policy priorities which state government should undertake immediately (next legislative session)?
Cari Marshall
Thank you Dr Duffy!
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
Thanks Drs. Beaman and Duffy AND Zack Stoycoff and your expert professional staff members!
Richard Wansley (He/His/Him)
Nicely done all!
Rebecca Hubbard
Thank you Zack and Drs. Beaman and Duffy!
Toni Moore
Good job, Zach! Thank you Dr. Beaman and Dr. Duffy.