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2022 Annual FMC Member Meeting - Gallery view
Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts, Arlington Village Farmers Market from Arlington, VT
Allen Moy
Allen Moy from Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association, serving the San Francisco Bay Area.
Michele Bailey
Michele Bailey, Franklin park conservatory and Botanical Gardens Farmers Market, Columbus, OH
Jordan Crabb
Jordan Crabb, Market on Madison from Dublin, Georgia
A Red Circle
Erica Williams, Village of Riverview, suburb of St. Louis County in North County. A Red Circle runs the Healthy Community Market.
Jennifer Diaz
Jennifer Diaz, Colusa Certified Farmers Market, Colusa, CA
Shannon Werner
Hi! I am Shannon Werner. I'm the market manager for Market on the Green in Whitehall, OH.
Julie Beavers
Julie Beavers, Hollywood Farmers Market, College Park, MD.
Frankie Garr
Frankie Garr, Wauwatosa Farmers Market - better known as Tosa Farmers Market, Wisconsin
Uyen Huynh
Uyen Huynh, Communications/Marketing Coordinator for MarketLink, Kingston, NY. Nice to meet everyone!
Dale Hazlewood
Dale Hazlewood from Illinois Farmers market Association, HI!
Emma Burke
Emma Burke, Alchemist CDC, Sacramento CA
Ricky Kowalewski
Ricky Kowalewski from Lynchburg Community Market in Downtown Lynchburg, VA
Caprice Teske, WSFMA
Caprice Teske, WA State Farmers Market Association based in Seattle, WA
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Darrius Slaughter
Darrius Slaughter- Lynchburg Community Market, Lynchburg VA
Stephanie Haynes
Hello! I'm Kate Reudink. I'm a Market Manager at the Vancouver Farmers Market in Vancouver, WA.
Tanya Hire
Tanya Hire, Athens Farmers Market, Athens OH
Justine Marzoni-Mead
Justine Marzoni-Mead here w/ San Diego Markets!
Alexander Steward
Alexander Steward, Westside Farmers’ Market in Ann Arbor, MI
Leslie Reese
Lee Reese. Lanark Farmers Market. Lanark IL
Stephanie Marpe
Stephanie, Bentonville Farmers Market in Bentonville Arkansas!
Lisa Roach
Lisa Roach representing MarketLink, on Ramaytush/Ohlone land what is also called San Francisco
Corrina Smith
Corrina Smith with Columbia Farmers Market and the Missouri Farmers Market Association in Columbia, Missouri.
Coleen Stowell
Coleen Stowell - Market vendor in Owosso, MI
DaQuan Campbell
DaQuan Campbell - Market Manager of the Waterloo Urban Farmers Market located in Waterloo, IA.
Patrick Ellis
Patrick Ellis, Market Manager - Agricenter Farmers Market - Memphis, Tennessee
Sarah Friedrich
Sarah Friedrich - Gallatin Valley Farmers’ Market in Bozeman, Montana!
Brijet Myers
Brijet Myers with San Diego Markets / Little Italy Mercato Farmers Markets in San Diego, CA on Kumeyaay land!
Swati Shah
Swati Shah, FMC board member based in New Orleans
Alisa Baum
Alisa Baum, Chicago City Markets - Chicago is situated on the lands of the Potawatomi people. They were the stewards of this land and lived, loved, and cared for it until forced out by non-Native settlers. Tribes who have historical relationships with the lands in greater Chicago and Northern Illinois through trade, travel, and habitation also include the Odawa, Ojibwe, Peoria, Kaskaskia, Miami, Ho-Chunk, Sac & Fox, Mascouten, and Menominee, as well as mound builders and other tribes whose names have been lost as a result of genocide and ethnocide of European colonialism and United States expansion.
Keri, Capital City Farmers Market, Montpelier, Vermont
Keri Ryan, Capital City Farmers Market, Montpelier Vermont
Catt Fields White
Catt Fields White located in the Kumeyaay Indian Nation here in San Diego, California, representing San Diego Markets and the Little Italy Mercato here, and Farmers Market Pros and the InTents Conference
Andrew Graham, Vermont FMA (he/him/his)
Andrew Graham, Vermont Farmers Market Association. I live on the ancestral land of the Sokoki (a Western Abenaki tribe) which is called Wantastegok in Abenaki.
Brian Moyer
Brian Moyer, Penn State Extension and PA Farm Markets, located on Lenape land
Staci DeShasier
Staci DeShasier, Executive Director at Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Markets in Northern California East Bay Area.
Thania Ugalde
Thania Ugalde she/her Brownsville Farmers Market Manger Representing Brownsville Wellness Coalition
Amanda Argona
Moscow Farmers Market, Moscow, Idaho located on the homelands of the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce), Palus (Palouse) and Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene) tribes.
Lulu Meyer
Lulu Meyer, Director or Operations for CUESA in San Francisco based on Ramaytush Ohlone land
Kristin Hutto
Kris Hutto with Tulsa Farmers Market- Tulsa, OK
Wendy Pangle
Wendy Pangle, Farmers' Market Manager, Vicksburg MI
Merrette Dowdell
Merrette Dowdell, Project Coordinator, City Center Farmers Market, Florence, South Carolina on Lumbee lands
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Question for market leaders: How do your markets enhance its culture of inclusivity as well as its vendor and visitor diversity?
Mykalee McGowan
Hello Everyone! Sorry, my wifi is acting wonky. My name is Mykalee McGowan (she/they). I am the Communications Associate at FMC. Currently residing in Easton, PA which is the land of the Lenape people.
Jordan Crabb
We incorporate a lot of culture-based events through cooking classes, farming techniques, and host a culture week on social media to highlight the incredible diversity within our vendors.
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
While Dar is speaking, feel free to jump in the chat and share your market's goals for 2022! What are you main focus areas?
Frankie Garr
Tosa Farmers Market: increase the # of vendors we can accept this year as opposed to the last two years with the pandemic. Bring back music and Community Booth as well as pilot a program with Food Trucks
Allen Moy
Reopen markets that were forced to close due to the pandemic while sustaining and improving markets that have remained open.
Kyra Gross
Brookside Farmers Market, Kansas City, MO: Fill gaps in vendor product mix, identify key funding to maintain staff, host better well-planned festivals
A Red Circle
Goals for 2022: increase vendors, get the EBT & WIC stuff running well, increase foot traffic.
Jordan Crabb
Market on Madison: Provide more resources to our farmers as well as our customers, host one large nutrition event, increase EBT usage through community outreach
Michele Bailey
Hosting a vendors fair with the Ohio Farmers Market Network. Reaching out to New American populations in the city. Making it easier for new vendors to join the market.
Catt Fields White
Continue to incubate new farmers and food makers, keep adjusting our application and on boarding process to make new vendors including BIPOC business owners comfortable in a well established market, increasing focus on the people who make up our markets in our communication and marketing channels.
Kristin Hutto
2022 goals: increase # of vendors, particularly produce vendors. Support & encourage new & beginning farmers.
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Going to keep this poll open for 1 more minute! Thank you all for participating!
Michelle White
2022 Goals: Develop a system to collect vendor sales data on a regular basis with the potential of moving to a sliding scale fee in 2023, making our markets more equitable and accessible to new vendors.
Uyen Huynh
2022 Goal for MarketLink: Launch our Online SNAP program and continue assisting farmers and markets with accepting SNAP/EBT!
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Question for market leaders: What can FMC do to help you to be engaged in policy advocacy in 2022?
Michelle White
^^very excited for the rollout of online SNAP sales!
Catt Fields White
On the Farmers Market Pros side: developing more online education, print resources and conference(s). Next Conference March 7-9 in San Diego and online. FMC Members discount code for registration: FMC2022 at farmersmarketpros.com
Mike Roach
Hi. I am Mike Roach, I run he @AtTheFarmersMarlet Instagram feed & I am honored to be FMC’s newest individual member.
Lisa Roach
Hey cool last name! 🙂
Lisa Hall
Our goal is to increase accessibility through translations of “how to use EBT at the market” and reduced stall fees for beginning farmers and beginning BIPOC owned food businesses
Coleen Stowell
I am a vendor looking to change the markets I participate in. One of the things I look for is what the demographics are for the market. ie, # of customer traffic and type of customers (families, individuals, young/senior) most vendors know who their customer base is....it would be very helpful if market masters have this type of demographics to attract new vendors.
Merrette Dowdell
(Initial question) We invite and prioritize non-profits who are focused on racial equality, diversity, healthcare, and, nutritional health to our smaller seasonal mid- week farmers market. We offer free monthly movement activities like African line dance from the local Afro-Latin dance school during during our mid week market.
Catt Fields White
Talking points sent via email so we can make calls or send letters are a great way that you help us with policy advocacy, Hannah
Kristin Hutto
FMC could support us by providing summaries of policy and bullet points of suggested action
Rebekah Maxwell
Rebekah Maxwell, Beaumont (Texas) Farmers Market - we are looking to bring in SNAP but have some concerns from our Board of Directors. If someone has experience in working with SNAP at your Farmers Market, I’d love to schedule a Zoom call with you. If you can help, please email me at texasbfm@gmail.com. Thank you!!
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
The blog post Nina is quoting: https://farmersmarketcoalition.org/beyond-equity-statements-black-food-leaders-building-an-anti-racist-toolkit-for-farmers-markets/
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
How do you see your market engaging with the Antiracist Toolkit for Farmers Markets in 2022?
Alisa Baum
Is there a cost for being part of the pilot?
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Here's that PDF! https://farmersmarketcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/FMC-Resource-Overview-2022.pdf
Patrick Ellis
Pat Ellis, Memphis, TN (Agricenter Farmers Market) I am working to develop Market programs to support and encourage urban farmers. And working with my non-profit to fill the voids created by food deserts in the community.
Katie Myhre she/her FMC
Katie Myhre she/her FMC
Thanks @Nina! Please reach out with any questions on e-tokens or if you’d like more information on the Community of Practice!
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Again, here is that PDF of resources that Nina mentioned: https://farmersmarketcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/FMC-Resource-Overview-2022.pdf
Rachael Ward (she/her)- FMC
@Alisa, regarding your question about there being a cost to be part of the pilot for the antiracist toolkit for farmers market: we are still discussing the structure of this pilot. It may be possible that markets are asked to contribute some of their own resources to compensate contractors that will lead the pilot, depending on capacity of the market and other funding sources. Accessing the toolkit will be free for everyone though!
Alisa Baum
Thank you!
Jessica Roberts
Our biggest challenge in 2021 was attracting users to our newly implemented EBT/PEBT/SNAP/Crop Cash program. Any tips on attracting users and overcoming obstacles to users (we are a new market) would be appreciated. Thanks. You can email me at arlingtonvillagefarmersmarket@gmail.com We set up the program but saw very little use even tho we spent a lot on advertising both in media, newspapers, flyers and at hubs for other food resources.
Rachael Ward (she/her)- FMC
@Jessica this guide on the Farm Direct Nutrition Incentives Guide site may be helpful to look at examples of how to promote EBT incentive programs: https://farmdirectincentives.guide/guides/promote/
Hannah Fuller (she/her) FMC
Voting is now open! https://farmersmarketcoalition.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/farmersmarketcoalition/neonPage.jsp?pageId=12&
Jessica Roberts
Yes, we used a lot of resources - and laminated some of the cartoons on the SNAP site which frankly need a serious update. A new idea is to have a video posted showing a person using the program at the market, That's one thing we plan to try.
Allen Moy
Thanks to everyone at FMC for your support throughout the year!!!
Ben Feldman (he/him)
Thanks to all who attended! We love our members
Alisa Baum
Thank you!
Catt Fields White
Thanks for all your work this year, great resources!
Swati Shah
Thank you for a great membership meeting!
Lulu Meyer
Thank you!!!
Nina Budabin McQuown
We’d love to hear how this video goes for you Jessica, it’s a great idea! Have you worked with community advocates or ambassadors at all in this first year?
Alexander Steward
Justine Marzoni-Mead
Thanks so much FMC! <3
Brian Moyer
thank you
Sarah Friedrich
Thank you guys! Can you remind me of the best contact to get SNAP support? Thank you :)
Staci DeShasier
Thank you for hosting and all the hard work this year!
Andrew Graham, Vermont FMA (he/him/his)
Thank you FMC for all you do!
Frankie Garr
Thanks, this was my first FMC meeting as a new market manager
Gigi Goin
Thank you
Brijet Myers
Thank you!
Patrick Ellis
Great presentation! Thank you!
Mike Roach
Just joined as a member (literally today). Are there new member intro meetings? Webinars?