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IPAC's Virtual Meet up #4 - Manitoba Government Innovators - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsay Dandeneau
can you talk more about the tools that you used
Diana Turner
yes, looking for the tools that are approved for use on government network
Jennifer Cottes
I would like to hear more about the “ideation session” process
Lindsay Dandeneau
have you used MURAL?
Vanessa Van Helden
Signe Hanson
For those in Manitoba, you can also create internal/external EngageMB sites through CSM to help facilitate collaboration/engagement throughout an innovation project. For those external, we partnered with BangTheTable to create a space where Gov MB employees trained in IAP2 can develop online engagement portals, You can see some public facing versions at https://engagemb.ca
Scott Edwards
For those from the MB Gov, here is a link where you can find many of the Lean and Innovation Engineering templates we use for ideation and communication: http://intranet.mbgov.ca/fs/resources/Pages/facilitator-resources.aspx
Scott Edwards
For those outside of the MB Gov, feel free to reach out to me at scott.edwards@gov.mb.ca and I can see what tools might work for you and share them.
Vanessa Van Helden
As a former EIA Intake worker, this sounds amazing! Great job!
laena garrison
Is there any communication to applicants once they have submitted their online application as to how long processing will take? I work for EIA (and appreciate the work you have done), and know that clients are often desperate for cash when applying. I have had a a few former clients call and ask how do I know whether my application has been received and processed?
laena garrison
To clarify, the 6 to 8 weeks waiting time may be true for single applicants. but it is not true for community offices. families with children and single parents with children can get in much more quickly. Under two week period is true for our office!
laena garrison
no problem! I can contact richard directly (o: Thanks Richard.
Jessica Drakul
Lindsay I just signed up for a MURAL webinar, looks super interesting.
Signe Hanson
MGI = Manitoba Government Inquiry
laena garrison
Thanks Neil, out of curiosity what were a few of the most FAQ's ?
Scott Edwards
BTT is our technology branch in MB
Signe Hanson
BTT = Business Transformation and Technology (Govt of MB tech folks)
laena garrison
laena garrison
Thanks Richard. My question, to clarify: is there any communication to applicants once they have submitted their online application as to how long processing will take, immediately after they have submitted their application?
Cordella Friesen
Hey everyone, I missed a part of Neil’s presentation - did we cover what it was like to jump into someone else’s program?
laena garrison
thank you.
Juliane Schaible
Are people who are hosting an online session also using a person who is a "producer" in the background to manage the tech, vet questions, keep the sessions running smoothly?
Signe Hanson
Cordella Friesen was the ADM on Neil's project. Can you share what it means to be a leader on an innovative project like this one?
Becky Lett
I concur - I had a project get put on a shelf in previous employment (not GOM) because the champion ended up retiring before the project was finished.
Juliane Schaible
I noticed most people are not using headphones or ear buds with external mic. Some computer mics work well some of the time but not all of the time. What are people experiencing?
Signe Hanson
https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/f55693e56018406ebbd08b3492e99771 Neat share: Manitoba just released it's GIS dashboard to share comprehensive data re COVID19 in the province publically.
Zac Spicer
headphones for me
Jessica Drakul
I have a camera with a microphone that normally works well, but I just realized I wasn't using it. I was "using" the microphone in my closed laptop, which means I likely couldn't be heard well.
Sarah Kasdorf
Headphones for me too!
Michelle Holigroski
Just borrowing a laptop from my husband. Don't have headphones yet...
elaine fox
using smart phone headset as microphone is better than government computer microphone and upgraded to personal speakers for sound.
Jessica Drakul
There's a cool webinar IPAC Manitoba did that might be of interest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLSOXBL9-tM&feature=youtu.be
Crystal Berthelette
Central purchasing policies generally don't allow areas to go purchase their own headsets and some other hardware… it must be purchased through MDA which can result in minimal options and long delays. there are challenges.