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Resourced for Growth: Session 3-Attracting Employees - Shared screen with speaker view
Alistair - Focus HR
We are seeing a great migration with workers leaving their jobs at the moment.... Some articles are talking about 40-60% of employees are actively looking to leave their current employer. Karen, are you seeing this as well?
Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise
Housing availability is a big issue across the Western Downs.
Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise
Is a fluid workforce a double-edged sword for businesses? Can we leverage this n our communities?
Paulene_Business Navigator
That made me laugh out loud, have to admit!
Alistair - Focus HR
Great resources Lidewij
Yasmin Taylor
Love the idea of adding links to welcome packs or videos to job ads - thank you!
Karen Becker
yes it is the exact sort of thing that will meet needs
Karen Becker
great stories!
Karen Becker
even pop a link in your email signature?
Lidewij Koene - WDRC
There are 2 BEST Groups ("Bring Employers and Students Together") running in Chinchilla and Dalby. They organise great events such as business/career tours, industry dinners and soft skill training. These are run by Chamber, Department of Education, Small Business and Training and our colleague Kate Miguel attends these as well.
Lidewij Koene - WDRC
Great way to connect with the schools and students.
Yasmin Taylor
This was great - thank you Alistair for the brilliant eg's from the electrical business, very interesting and love them!! Thanks all for organising. Yas
Lidewij Koene - WDRC
What do you see as key signs for small business that indicate readiness to start employing staff?