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Agitating for Change - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Romig
It’s also sunny in Berlin - but these calls bring sunshine inside :D
Mike Romig
Please do!
Soulla Kyriacou
Welcome - please post your questions to panellists using the Q&A function and we will invite some of you to ask questions at the end
Soulla Kyriacou
Please keep on posting your questions using the Q&A function and we will try and select a few to answer at the end
Lydia Hascott
Any folks working in a financial institution and agitating for change, you’re very welcome to get in touch at Lydia@financeinnovationlab.org to be connected with a community of folk just like you.
David Green
I hope you don't mind me sharing but my new book 'The Age of Wellbeing' might be of interest as it touches many of the issues being discussed today. Here's a free preview. https://bit.ly/ageofwellbeingfreepreview
Mike Romig
Thanks very much @Jo! Great answer!
Tom Levitt
Got to go now but thanks to all 4 for a great hour - good to see Dee, Jo and Lydia again!
Richard Smith
The weather is better everywhere because of the tremendous work each of you are doing. Thanks for a great hour of inspiration.
Roser Preuss
Fantastic event! Wow, super mega thank you to all of you! Excellent event!
Oonagh Harpur
Thanks to all panelists and Dee for guiding the conversation. Excellent. Enjoy