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Designer Discussion: LuAnn Nigara Hosts a Conversation with Kravet Furniture Favorites - Shared screen with speaker view
Ellen Kravet
Thank you to LuAnn and the presenters for all of the kind words. You are all terrific! 💙
Dee Ann Federico
Thank you to all such great service !!
Marisol Aranda
I want to find out how you approach a showroom to even say you have a product that you are interested in having in their line?
Bets Kumor
Thanks to you all for a fun, inspiring and interesting discussion.
Sara Brown
It was so wonderful to hear the stories behind the furniture that I love in the Kravet showrooms!
Dee Ann Federico
I ❤️Kravet and ready to collaborate!
Marisol Aranda
Thank you so much. I appreciate the valuable information throughout the conversation and in answering my question!!