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Bankers for NetZero - Live Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Louise Roper
Hello - Gavin - yes - all attendees are on mute
Louise Roper
Nice to see you here.
Louise Roper
Questions / commentscan be added in the Chat and
Louise Roper
No problem - we can catch up later in the week if easier
Nathalie Thong
Hi Bethan - yes, the session will be recorded and we will share the video once it is ready
Louise Roper
Thanks Gavin - I will drop you a note to organise follow-up
Heather Buchanan
Thanks, Gavin! We will follow up!
James Vaccaro
Thanks Gavin - we’ll be keen to follow up soon!
Sandrine Dixson Decleve
I forgot to mention that we have launched a new Rethinking Finance Impact Hub at the Club of Rome where we are working across public and private finance actors to ensure the shift from financing change in the short to medium term to change finance which takes into consideration a greater paradigm shift alongside new economic models and indicators away from growth to well being economy principles per the new Well being economies fostered in Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand, Finland, Costa Rica and Doughnut economic models in Amsterdam and other cities
Sandrine Dixson Decleve
Good question Chris McHugh
Nathalie Thong
ShareAction’s newest report link here: https://shareaction.org/research-resources/banking-on-a-low-carbon-future-ii/