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ESEA Office Hours - Shared screen with speaker view
Lori Herbaugh
We are going to submit to have water bottle fillers installed in our schools. We purchased the fillers, so this is the "construction" part which involves going into existing walls and hooking up the fillers. Would this installation be considered construction?
We were told that Davis-Bacon wages and fringe benefits must be met if use of funds for construction. Is that what you understand?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Janell If you are using federal funds (like ESSER) and it's construction above the cost of $2000
Thank you.
D49 - Kendra Scott
what exactly is a facility school, please?
Karen Casgrain
I’m unclear on what the approval process for construction would look for Charter Schools. Our authorizer told us that if our budget was approved and it included construction costs, then that would mean that we have that prior approval. From everything I’ve heard here at office hours, I’m concerned that that wouldn’t be sufficient.
Laura Gorman
I just want to understand that if a construction project have not gone through BEST process which many will not have & it's a back date one, you cannot give upon your review "substantial" approval on that item until UDDOE guidance?
Linda Weyers
If we want to submit with construction line items to get written approval do we just put placeholders with amounts to equal the total award amount so that we don’t get an error when submitting? Also, would we state in the application that we have received the BEST grant approval?
CDE Tammy Giessinger
Please note there is a different Approval and Transmittal Form for facility schools. It can be found at this link: http://www.cde.state.co.us/caresact/facility-approval-transmittal-esser-1
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Kendra More info about facility schools can be found here along with a list of all facility schools in the state: https://www.cde.state.co.us/facilityschools
D49 - Kendra Scott
thank you!
Cheryl Cook
Regarding ESSER 3 submission of assurances, GEPA, transmittal and acceptance of funds, without budgeted items: When will the platform open back up after submitting these so we can start putting activities in?
Patricia Petrukitas
what is an LEA plan?
Georgia Steele
Please share more on the plan.
can you repeat the 90 days date from date?
Laura Gorman
Understanding that it's not likely built in the ESSER 3 application yet, can you still tell us the set-aside code for the "learning loss" so that if we have received substantial approval & are obligating funds that we can code things correctly so that we don't have to go back & do a bunch of reclassing later when we get final approval & are seeking reimbursement.
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Patricia LEA Safe Return to In-Person Instruction Plan:An LEA that receives ARP ESSER funds must, within 30 days of receiving the funds, make publicly available on itswebsite a plan for the safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services. Before making the planpublicly available, the LEA must seek public comment on the plan.
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
Submission form: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/ba0ae058d90148eaacae2340927c6ea5
Greg Fieth
Have we received any clarification on allowable expenses for the AU Students with Disabilities that is part of the ESSER II supplemental appropriation?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Greg If I understand your question correctly, those funds have the same allowability standards as other ESSER funds. The only difference is that they must also be targeted on the group of students identified rather than any student population.
D49 - Kendra Scott
could I please be added to the distribution list for the slide deck? I got the 1st one I attended in April but haven't received one since.
Tatyana Glushko
If our ESSER 2 app is currently in revision, how do we access SpeEd award portion? is there a separate deadline for SpeEd funds that are within ESSER 2 app? Will these funds require separate assurances/transmittal form? thank you! Also, did i hear correctly that Assurances for ESSER3 will be changing? how will that affect if we are to submit our apps?
Kristin Whyrick
What will the AFR look like for all ESSER grants?
Cheryl Cook
Thanks so much!
Jeremy Burmeister
There is information available on the CDE website showing ESSER III expenses are allowable through September 2024. However, ESSER III grant application only goes to 2022-2023. What is actually accurate?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
@Kendra Slide decks and recordings for Office Hours are posted here when ready: https://www.cde.state.co.us/fedprograms/resourcesandtechnicalassistance#:~:text=ESEA%20Office%20Hours,the%20fast%2Dchanging%20current%20events.
Josh Devon
Can we (Charter Network) request substantial approval on the portion of ESSER II that we want to spend in FY21 so that our auditors will feel comfortable with us booking that portion of ESSER II in FY21? If this is possible, should we request this through our LEA?
Linda Weyers
Has there been any change in the need to post in person learning plans on our website if we have been in-person since the beginning of the year? Also, in the last office hours there was discussion around submitting numbers of students who are fully in-person, hybrid and fully remote. Where do we submit that?
beckie anderson
Please review possible wording for ESSER III GEPA statements. Previously, you said a high level description was fine.
Michael Everest
We have a charter school that is going to start operating in my district next fiscal year. Are we required to give this new school a proportionate share of any of the district ESSER allocations?
Veronica Bradsby
Does the 20% ARP ESSER III have to include ALL of the special populations or can the district/LEA choose a some and not all of the groups?
Chrissie Miller
Is there pre approval needed to purchase a mini bus?
CDE - Steven Kaleda
Yes Chrissie - all Capital expenditures need prior approval per CRF 200.439
Laura Gorman
This is not to do with ESSER, but for Title - for the non-public school carryover in the ConsApp if our NPS has multiple year carryover - 19-20 & 20-21 do we include multiple year carryover or just 20-21? Concerned that if we include 19-20 because of the end of the funding timeline we won't have access to 19-20 carryover. Trying to advise total amount for our NPS's if this is the case.
Krissi Camper
If we already submitted ESSER III do we need to go back in and check the new assurances before May 23rd?
Jennifer Archuleta
Examples of a GEPA statements would be great.
Angie Seeley
We may have the same issue that Karen Casgrain mentioned about Charter School pre-approval of ESSER II for planned construction. If so, can we contact you (Nazie) to discuss? Thank you
Angi - Montezuma- Cortez Sauk
If the LEA had the charters send them budgets for ESSER II - and we put those into specific line items in the application, is that pre- approval for the Charter's use of funds? (specifically related to construction)?
CDE: Niko Kaloudis
I want to be wherever Laura is with those pretty bird songs!
CDE: Kate Bartlett
LOVE Laura's birds!
Ron Patera
Can districts get a reasonable estimate for the purchase and installation of upgraded HVAC equipment to replace older units, submit this estimate to get approval or do we need a ready to go dated contract to receive approval?
Jack Bay
thanks nazie
Lynne, Juniper Ridge Community School
Thank you!
CDE Nazie Mohajeri-Nelson
Angie Seeley
Thank you