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BSE 2021 Engineering Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Teemu Ovaska
Thank you for your presentation! I suggest that there could be also other than solid particles within all the ultrafine particles between size range of 5.6-560 nm.
Jakub Čedík
Thank you, yes, of course, there is a much wider spectrum of particles size, however we measured solid particles only using EEPS which is only for this size range. For measurement of engine smoke or soot we use normal opacimeter, but in this particular case we did not use that...
Teemu Ovaska
Yes, thank you! However, it is important to realize that TSI EEPS does not detect only the solid particles but also non-volatile and possibly volatile particles, also. I think that at the size range of 10 nm, the detected particles with EEPS are mainly non-volatile, not solid.
shravan koundinya , Vutukuru
Thank you!
Veljo Raide
Thank you all!
Jakub Čedík
Yes, that is possible, however I did what I could to prevent that, everything that was heated was heated to the maximum possible temperature (hoses, dillution machine, etc.). But yes, it is possible that the results were affected by other than solids...
Protima Rauwel
sorry, I have to leave, I have a 10 minute meeting. I'll come back later.