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Impact of Digitalization on the New Employee Experience - Shared screen with speaker view
Clarisse Coble
Attendees, we invite you to also share your responses here, if you are interested in sharing your DOT's response. Please be sure to send the chat to "all panelists and attendees" so ALL may benefit from your knowledge sharing.
Charlie Brown
In South Carolina, we have lifted our hiring freeze, but have established a cap of 85% of authorized strength on all units.
Charlie Brown
Also, we have ended all telework.
Clarisse Coble
As a reminder, when sending a chat, select "all panelists and attendees" from the drop down menu so that all attendees can benefit from learning what you are doing in your states. Thank you for sharing knowledge!
Sherry Petrie-Fitzgerald
Kansas has a hiring freeze, but we are able to hire mission critical positions. The majority of HQ staff are working from home
Mark Van Alstyne
Montana had the infrastructure for remote work in place but hadn’t enabled the workforce yet. we had a very smooth rollout except for remote phone issues
Michelle Sanders
Louisiana DOT is 100% ZOOM orientation, we host it monthly
Brian Robinson
At GDOT, we are working on developing a telework toolkit that will include resources for managers - especially those who have never managed in a remote environment before. Any resources or topics you recommend for managers?
Clarisse Coble
Thank you all!
Sherry Petrie-Fitzgerald
thank you so much for the great ideas