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The New Era for Targeted Mobile Advertising - Shared screen with speaker view
Shannon Lewis
Yes, the session will be shared with key highlights.
Shannon Lewis
Welcome to The New Era of Mobile Advertising Session. Please ask any questions in the chat group and we will try to address them at the end of the session. Thank you.
Jean Mongeau
Great perspective Mike! Long term impact to brand should be a constant preoccupation of marketers in this digital era!
Julie Ford
Don't be shy! Add your questions in the Q&A box. They will be addressed at the end.
Romain Perrin
How do you plan to manage the change management internaly ? In digital, everything used to be measurable with pretty good precision and business (including Top management) is used to it. This helped a lot to prove the value of investments so far.
Duane Currie
Do we need to consider this change in the context of site analytics?
Jessica Yared
Chris here too
Jessica Yared
Good job